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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Barack Tells A Little Girl That America Sucks

Well not quite in those words but in essence, and as usual stammers his way through his answer. "America is not what it once was or what it could be...". He seems to echoing some of the inartfull statements made by his lovely wife on the trail about not being proud of her country untill now. That's a real mouthfull for a couple of graduates from elite universities living in a multi-million dollar mansion.

In a way though he is right but not quite in the way he intends or implies, he wants socialism, America is not what it once was or what it could be. I can think of many dark times in our history that we moved beyand to a brighter future despite the best efforts of ironically the Democrat party. I will point to two of them, the Jim Crow era and the Great Depression. Democrats fought civil rights legislation and repeal of Jim Crow laws untill public pressure by the Republican party forced their hand and they had to concede. Heck their longest serving Senator, Robert Byrd, was a grand kleagle for the KKK and Gov. George Wallace(D) was Gov. of Al. during the Bull Connor days and the Selma marches. When it comes to the Great Depression Democrat President Roosevelt policies greatly extended it with massive regulation as brilliantly argued by Amity Schlaes in "The Forgotten Man" and the welfare regime that arose from it that destroyed the black familt unit. That when combined with the New Deal of another Democrat President, Lyndon Johnson, lead to the poverty we now see in so many black neighborhoods. Is that the America Obama wants to return to? It sounds like it since so many of his policies seem to echo them.
I doubt he will want a return to the Reagan era that reduced taxes and regulation and lead to the massive economic growth we have experienced since then. This reminds me of one of Reagan's favorite sayings about the Democrats view on governance,"if it moves, tax it, if it continues to move, regulate it and when it stops moving, subsidize it.".
Yes America can have a brighter future but not under what the Democrats have planned. We don't need more government to make us better, we need less. We need the government to get out of the way of the ingenuity of the American people to find a way to succeed. We don't need the government to over see our health care, baby sit our children or mandate how we live. The best help the government can offer us is to simply get out of the way and allow us to go about our business.


Anonymous said...

The question asked was not a difficult one: Why are you runnning?

An amazing performance. Me, myself and I and my children, and looking around for approval and applause, as a child proud of his answer.


Gayle said...

Obama is a puppet. Without his teleprompter he stutters and stammers and doesn't know how to respond. It's pathetic and it's the reason he won't debate McCain at Town Hall meetings. McCain does far better off-the-cuff and Obama knows he will look like a jackass.

In reference to big government, I was at a conservative blog yesterday and he actually wrote that Government should ban smoking in public restaurants, bars, etc. I left a comment that those decisions should be up to the owners, and that people who wanted a smoke free environment could go to places that would give them that. It should be up to us to choose, not for government to mandate. I left a long diatribe about what happened to Alcohol when it was made illegal, having been taken over by gangsters who made billions off of it. But my point here is that I couldn't believe a conservative Republican would actually push for more government interference in people's lives. Weird!

Anonymous said...

His children are not even in the same arena as most children. They live in a million dollar home and his wire and he spend $10,000 a year on sports, dance, etc. Ask some blue collar worker if his children have that! As a single mother of two girls who I have put through college and one won a National ranking in high school rowing as a stroke, let me tell you I have never been anything but positive with my children even during the bad times. If I had they would not be where they are today! If I was the mother of this young girl I would be on damage control after that! If my daughter was the one that he said this to I would have been there with her and would have immediately stood up and addressed the issue with him. I would want my daughter to be proud of me and to always look forward to her dreams!

Mark In Irvine said...

"America is not what it once was or what it could be..."

Anybody who can't see the value of this statement, and that things can always be better, is complacent and has no ambition or drive to make things better than they are. You want to solve immigration? That's be making the country better and stronger; you want to reduce pollution - wouldn't that be better?

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

There's a time and place for politics, and then there's not.

Obama cannot recognize either.

No, America is not what it used to be. That has positive and negative aspects to it.

But to Obama, who has an ultra-dreary, anti-capitalist, anti-American, racially divisive, black-victimhood, anti-constitutional, blame-America-for-everything view of our country--he has to have such view, after all: How else can he then become its savior if everything is not broken or dreadful or whatever?--there is nothing good.

And he appears so dogmatic, so dim-witted and, yes, so unpatriotic, that he cannot fathom that a few kind, loving, even passionate words about our country might actually win him some votes.

Absent teleprompter, it would appear that his heart contains none of such things.

And given his Marxist foundations and his tutelage at the feet of Jeremiah Wright, as well as his long-time associations with William Ayers and others--as well as his apparent connections to those who would do America harm--he cannot have such thoughts of America.

It's AmeriKKKa to him. It's Amerika of the Weather Underground's view. It's the Great Satan.

Certainly, he cannot discern that his "I'll-make-it-all-better" mommy speech long ago lost its luster and impact.

Obama as president? What a nightmare. What a Marxist nightmare. What a Marxist, ultra-liberal nightmare. What a heartless, humorless, dark time that would be.

Roadhouse said...

Mark in Irvine,

The irony is that the policies of Obama and his ilk are why this country is not what it once was and could be better. America was once a soverign nation with immigration laws that were enforced, Obama will "change" that. America was once a productive and self sufficient nation, Obama will "change" that. Other countries used to respect our wishes because they feared our military and economic might, Obama will "change" that. America was once a country that would never have fallen for scams like man-made global warming hysteria, Obama & company are "changing" that as we speak.

suek said...

>>Anybody who can't see the value of this statement>>


What was it once (meaning describe what was better about it) and _when_ was it "what it once was"? (what time in history)