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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

McCain On The Russo-Georgian Conflict

John McCain demonstrated his understanding and deep knowledge of the region in this speech. He has visited many times and knows Georgian President Saakashvili well and has spoken to him personally several times since the conflict began. I think this is the kind of gravitas that Americans want in their President and McCain has certainly shown it here.

The transcript is here for those still stuck with dial up service.
Meanwhile Obama vacations in Hawaii and at first offered a mushy call for calm and later moved closer to McCain's position of Russia get out of Georgia. But we all know that Obama has serious ties to and sympathies for Marxist communism along with a dislike for democracy as demonstrated by his tactics to keep opponents of the ballots in Illinois and now with his strongarmed tactics used on Clinton supporters at the DNCC.
I may have strong disagreements with McCain in a couple areas but I have even stronger disagreements with Obama in all areas. McCain gets It and Obama clearly doesn't.

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Trader Rick said...

My cuzins in Roosha are just trying to put their empire back together, so what's so wrong with that? It's not like they're Nazis or commies or something like that--oh, wait...