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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Oh Boy! Obama OBiden

It's official they are going to talk us into submitting to the One, Joe Biden is Obama's pick for Veep. I guess the hope is that Biden's gaffes will help cover Obama's and that Biden's penchent for talking too much will make Obama seem quick and to the point. I don't see how putting a liberal north eastern career politician Washington insider old white guy on the ticket fits Obama's change image and a new kind of politics. Heck only a handful of Senators have been there longer than Joe Biden, is thirty six years enough to make him the ultimate insider, plus Joe Biden has had a long and cozy relationship with lobbyists that doesn't square well with Obama's message either. Obama pretty much threw his image under the bus with this pick and removed his main way of attacking McCain as a DC insider and a old white guy. Joe Biden is not a bad guy just a typical liberal Senator with a long history of saying stupid things because he tends to ramble. It also shines a light on Obama's main weaknesses foreign policy and experience as Biden is considered the dems foreign policy guru, he gets it right sometimes. He is a little more moderate than Barack but all the Senators are more moderate than the most liberal, Barack. Heh, this campaigns theme, the talkers vs. the doers, Obama and Biden long on words but short on action, McCain and Romney(my wish) short on words but long on accomplishment and service.
Looking around the blogosphere I see that conervatives are cheering and churning out Bidenisms. Hillary supporters are not placated and are actually quite peeved that Hillary was not at least given a courtesy call. I am sure the nutroots are going to freack out because Biden voted for the war and though he has been critical of strategy, and usually wrong, he has not been screaming get out now. The press of course thrilled with anything Obama does is happy and Biden loves to be on camera talking and talking, ever see him on C-Span, while Obama is a litttle secretive unless he has his teleprompter.
This is going to be a wild week at the DNCC in Denver with the Hillary supporters on the inside and all the assorted moonbats on the outside and there are plenty of conservative bloggers going to document it for us to capture what the MSM won't tell us or show us.


Americaneocon said...

He'll be a good attack dog, and Biden will hold his own at the VP debate, so McCain needs to make a good pick.

Otherwise, Biden doesn't help Obama at all.

Trader Rick said...

What a week it will be! Football and Moonbats! Ah, how sweet to be an American...