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Friday, August 08, 2008

Beam Me Up Obama

Obama's supporters need a new salute for The One, so some loopy advertising firm in LA came up with this one.

Of course conservative photoshoppers are having a field day with it, compiled from Ace and Michelle and I understand in some cultures this is the sign for asshole.

Several other bloggers pointed out its similarity to the hippy episode of Star Trek "The Way To Eden" when some peace and lovers take over the Enterprise in their search for utopia, LMAO. It so fits with Obama's starry eyed supporters coached to talk about their experience coming to Obama and not his fairly empty far left resume.

Thinking about it Obama's supporters my be his own worst enemy with their swooning idolatry of a very flawed candidate and mortal human, like Ron Paul's they are becoming a laughingstock.

1 comment:

Trader Rick said...

HUSH! Don't make fun of their loonyness! Don't let then know how crazy they look--Let them do it for all the world to see...