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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I am Barack, I Am Hubris

Barack Obama has been receiving substantial mocking for his arrogance and celebrity personna. He has chosen to give his acceptance speech rock concert at the home of the Denver Broncos from a stage resembling a Greco-Roman temple. I guess the home of the Nuggets was not big enough to contain his ego. He will arrive on stage from between the columns to much smoke and fireworks to a pulpit that will arise from the stage where he will pontificate to the rest of us mere mortals.
Here is a look at the setting and a view behind the scenes.

He does not seem to realize that all of this messiah imagery is hurting him more than it helps him and he seems to have bought into his and his sycophantic worshipper's rhetoric about him being some kind of omnipotent saviour. I am sure he will deliver a very good speech since that is his forte and I am sure the MSM will hail it as the finest speech in American political history. Will he deliver red meat and flesh out some policy or will it be the sweet fluffy substanceless cotton candy his stump speeches have offered to date?
Recent polls show he has so far gotten a negative bounce since the flubbed announcement of Joe Biden as his running mate and the start of the Convention. From what I have gathered Hillary's speech last night did little to unify the party and may have left many wondering if they had made the right choice in elevating Obama as the nominee. The only reason she gave for voting for Obama is that he is in the same party as she and Bill are, not exactly a ringing endorsement and now he must close the sale. I am now starting to believe that he won't be able to as he turns off more and more of those bitter folks that cling to guns and religion in middle America. Yes I have hope at last and that is change I can believe in.

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CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Respectfully, I suggest that Barack H. Obama, or Barry Soetoro, or Barry Dunham, or whatever his real name might be, has been receiving spot-on, well-deserved criticism of and concerns about what appears to be pathological megalomania.

And, no he cannot discern, because of that blindness, the damage that he's done to himself. Or the damage that his handlers have allowed because they've enabled his behavior, also being infected with their own brands of megalomania.

They are the poster children for the Dysfunctional Demockacrats.