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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Housing Problem, Obama Shouldn't Go There

It all started when McCain made a mistake of not knowing how many houses his wife owns, so what. The Obama camp thought they could they could make that an issue and try to paint McCain as an out of touch wealthy elitist so they ran a couple lame attack ads mocking him for not knowing she owns seven properties.

I believe a disabled relative lives in one of them plus Cindy is a wealthy very busy woman and it would make sense to have several places around the country. They have their main home in Sedona, I am sure they own John's residence in the DC area so that's three. If I had Cindy's money I would own a few homes myself so I don't fault them for that. The Dems sure don't fault Kennedy, Kerry, remember Theresa Heinz, or the slew of uber rich Hollywood liberals that keep their coffers flush.
They are swinging in the air now because Cindy McCain is highly involved in many philanthropic projects here and around the world and getting things done.
Just what has Obama done to even help his family? Just what good did all that money Annenburg Challenge and the Woods Fund get done? What about your housing deals to provide housing to the poor with Tony Rezko? How well did those work out for your constituents? Obama opened the door though so McCain will walk right through it. I am starting to wonder just what else is out there now that hasn't come out yet.


The Griper said...

don't forget about Obama's brother living on a dollar a month.

Anonymous said...

Obama deserved what he got.


Trader Rick said...


Gayle said...

I'm surprised that with her wealth Cindy doesn't own more properties than that! Walt and I own three houses and aren't anywhere near being rich. This is a truly stupid attack on Obama's part.