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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Lessons Learned, Gustav Vs Katrina

With hurricane Gustav bearing down on our Gulf coast the lessons learned from Katrina are evident, Gov.s Barbour, Crist, Jindal, Riley and Perry are prepared and ordered mandatory evacuation well ahead of the storm. Heck even Ray Nagin learned and is doing everything he can to clear New Orleans of residents and is using all means at his disposal. From what I have seen approximately 95% of the coastal regions have been evacuated in a very orderly manner and the National Guard is in place and ready to roll. This has the makings of another monster storm and I am praying it will lose some steam before it makes landfall.

John McCain has put a damper on the GOP convention and may use it as a major call for action to help, Country over party as the saying goes. That is diametrically opposed to Michael Moore and Dan Fowler's gloating over this potential disaster as being good for the Democrats, hardly, it was Democrat Gov. Kathleen Blanco that blew it in Louisiana during Katrina. Her successor Bobby Jindal has the state as ready as it could be and is demonstrating what real leadership is all about as is John McCain, Haley Barbour, Bob Riley, Charlie Crist and Rick Perry, Republicans lead, Democrats whine and bloviate.

Of course the obfuscators on the left will blame this on anthropogenic global warming and by extension George Bush but this is not an unusually hot year, pretty average actually if not cooler. Yes hurricane damage has increased in recent years but that has less to do with storm intensity than the fact that there is far more high dollar coastal development than in the past. I am a proponent of limiting coastal development, I hate beach front hotels, and for a two mile barrier. I grew up in Alabama and have spent many happy days on the Florida panhandle so I know what development has done to the region. and I do not like it. I remember miles of dunes that no longer exist replaced by hotels with waves lapping at the doorstep. I don't recognize it anymore.

Anyway my prayers are going out to those in affected areas.


The Griper said...

you know, i can actually picture Mrs. Palin sitting on the bank of your picture at the top dressed in old jeans and boots with a straw hat on just leisurely fishing with her family without a care in the world.

StormWarning said...

It would have been hard to imagine fumbling another hurricane strike on New Orleans. So all of the early evac and mandatoriness of the orders made alot of sense. One thing that no one has addressed is the lack of highway infrastructure leaving to Coast to avoid the 3-5 mph traffic that people experienced late yesterday.

Goat said...

I can too Griper though that pic is in the Sierra Nevada not Alaska.
SW, at least that trffic jam occurred several days ahead of the storm and not the day before, the lessons have been learned.

Critical Thinker said...

I am from New Orleans originally and can tell you that the way they are handling this versus Katrina is night and day. Two reasons as I see it, lessons learned and Bobby Jindal in command. My prayers are with everyone on the Gulf Coast, I cannot wait to get back there.


Trader Rick said...

Roll, Tide Roll! (Football not storm)

StormWarning said...

Goat, I fully appreciate that the evac occurred ahead of time, and everyone acted in anticipation. But, if you look at the situation from an infrastructure preparedness point of view (as I do), then the absolute conclusion is that while lessons were learned (how hard is it to recognize with a Cat4/5 bearing down on a city once flooded by storm surge that you evacuate the coastline in advance?), that our infrastructure leading away from the coast in lacking. Someone has to figure out an evac. plan that prevents 3 mph traffic because if you have less warning (as in a terrorist attack on a chemical plant or a release of any sort of WMD), people will die because we don't get them out of the affected area quickly enough.

Gayle said...

It looks like it may not be as devastating a storm as first expected, Goat. Still, there are a few hours left to go before we will know for sure.

As for Michael Moore, it's par for the course from a total moron.