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Monday, August 04, 2008

Obama's Campaign Contributions From Gaza

I have blogged a couple times already about some of the wierd stuff going on in the donations to Obama's campaign and specifically how they could monitor who is buying campaign paraphernalia like tee shirts. Well Pamela Geller has dug up evidence that some brothers from Gaza spent $29,500 on tee shirts to sell in Gaza and it has been confirmed by World Net Daily.

Palestinian brothers inside the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip are listed in government election filings as having donated $29,521.54 to Sen. Barack Obama's campaign.
The donations would violate election laws, including prohibitions on receiving donations from foreigners and guidelines against accepting more than $2,300 from one individual during a single election, Bob Biersack, a spokesman for the Federal Election Commission, told WND in response to a query.
The contributions also raise numerous questions about the Obama campaign's lax online donation form, which apparently allows for the possibility of foreign contributions.

She has also discovered the strange anomaly of many donations ending in cents and in odd amounts, the typical fundraising call is for round amounts like $25, $50, $100. Why would there be amounts like that unless they were converting foreign currency?
The donations don’t show up on the FEC search either by individual or by the candidate. If you scroll through the pages of the donations alphabetically for Obama, the dollar amounts are what you’d expect legitimate donations to look like. i.e., $250, $500, $1000, $2300…but when you look at the database of transactions it is nothing like that. You get $74.37, $42.95, $116.38, $29.70…like that (those are actual examples). Clearly this is what you would get if you converted a foreign currency into dollars, e.g., 50 Euros would be roughly $ 77.12

No wonder the Cemocrats have refused to fill out the FEC board with Bush's appointees, they are afraid they will get busted for this illegal activity. It is also probably why they do so much better at online fundraising than the GOP also remember Gore's and Clinton's Chinese escapades. You know if this were a Republican the MSM would be screaming bloody murder for an investigation and running daily headlines about the "culture of corruption".

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