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Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Rick Warren Forum: Updated

I am not a fan of Rick Warren or his style of worxhip but he does have many fans so I guess its important for Obama and McCain to sit down with him for this forum.
Obama blew the first question about three wise people he looks to for guidance, he couldn't say Wright, Meeks, and Phleger now could he but we know better.
Obama is not sounding very articulate, more like a stammering fool.
Woops, abortion and marriage there will be plenty of soundbites to come out of this, Obama is spinning like a top.
Update: Stem cell research comes up, Obama is for embryonic research but is spinning hard.
He is now equivocating on how to confront evil, typical moonbat moral obtuseness.
Ack, he would not nominate a Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court or John Roberts. This is a major reason for conservatives to get behind McCain.
Update: Obama is not coming across very well in my opinion, he is talking too much with too much spin and equivocation, not good. It Is not new, most of it is typical liberal democrat boilerplate talking points and spin. Rick Warren is at least asking some fairly tough questions in a softball way.
Update: He really is not very good in this type of setting without his prepared remarks, though the crowd seems receptive.
Update: John McCain walks in and the crowd brings the roof down, far more cheers and applause than Obama got. John is very good in the long form interview setting , he doesn't stutter or spin and gets to his points quickly.
McCain on leadership hits it out of the park by citing Gen, David Petraeus, as one of them and Meg Whitman of E-Bay. McCain's sense of humor is showing and so is his humility and just listening on the radio McCain is blowing Obama away with the crowd and how he sounds on the radio. He is so much better in this type of setting than Obama and its definitely showing tonight and the audience is definitely loving McCain, lots of laughter and approving applause, far more than Obama.
McCain is doing great and having fun while making alot of great points. Since Warren is asking the same questions to both of them the contrast is excellent and the McCain team will get loads of soundbites out of this for comparison ads, the Obama team, not so much.
Update: Wow, McCain is getting a great reception the audience loves him. He hitting everything out of the park. There is no equivocating or spinning, this is the clear thinking straight talk we love.
Mcain would not have nominated a Souter, Ginsburg, Bryer or Stevens to the Court, homerun.
Update: McCain comes across like a serious adult while Obama more like stuttering talking points liberal. Obama got a polite response and McCain has the audience wrapped around his little finger with humor and gravitas. Yes John is very, very good in this format and is an example of why Obama won't face him in a series of townhalls, he cleaned Obama's clock tonight for sure. The three planned debates will be interesting for sure.
Update: I have to think this forum will have an affect on the Dem Conference as there has to be some serious buyers remorse going around, Hillary does far better in this type of setting and her supporters are not happy.
Update: Obama's camp can't be very happy right now no matter how hard they spin but all that spinning is just going to make them dizzy. This was a very informative forum that showed a very stark contrast between the two and it won't be good for Obama. Team McCain on the other hand is going to be celebrating with their add guys busy and flush with cash, plus radio talkers are flush with soundbite answers to the same questions. McCain scored big and Obama whiffed, this night went to McCain easily.
Now if he would just add Mitt Romney to the ticket we can win this. McCain even recently stated he will rethink his position on drilling in ANWR and will consult with Ak, Gov. Sarah Palin on the matter. Sarah will tell him to drill there drill now. The GOP would be wise to give her and Bobby Jindal prominent speaking roles at the convention.
After tonight I am feeling better about McCain's chances and expect the Dem covention to be chaos, you know things aren't right when the city of Denver has to ban the carrying of urine and feces Oh well. typical liberal democrat action, throw noxious garbage at the opposition, The next few weeks are going to be very interesting as my reading shows a much deeper rift and unease in the Democrat party than the Republican. Tonight showed us why.


Roadhouse said...

Let's see. Obama can't handle a one on one conversation, but he's supposed to be the "second coming" of Presidential candidates that will save the world?


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Thanks for your post. I was unable to watch because of a special meeting at church.

It does sound as if this sojourn by Obama exploded in his face.

And it does appear, and this comes from reading what you've recorded/opined and what I've read elsewhere, that it's apparent that John McCain firmly established his bona fides.

But Barack Obama or whatever his real name is?

It sounds as if he was and will remain woefully out of his league in the contest with McCain.

And that as a job applicant for CINC and CEO of our country, it appears that he's shown, yet again, that his inexperience, emptiness, flimsy faith and foolishness, among many things, cannot trump McCain's experience, character, faith and wisdom.

I'd imagine there's some substantial gnashing of teeth in Obama's camp now.

Just what the doctor ordered.

Trader Rick said...

Let's not stoop to making fun of Barry's name. Jerry Oops Ford and Slick Willy Clinton both had adopted names--there's nothing wrong with that--I have one too. Mine is an American name tho, not Kenyan or Indonesian or whatever. Did you know this guy smokes cigarettes or something? And has a wife who is ashamed of the USA and an Uncle who served in the Soviet Army in WWII? My father was a second generation Russian, but he served in OUR Army in WWII. Let's stick to the substntive issues, OK--like the fact Obama lies and spins every day, hour minute...

suek said...

I thought Obama did very well. He comes across as thoughtful and really, very likeable. Supreme Court Justice question was one that liberals would probably agree with...

Then McCain came on. As you say, he hit them out of the park.

Obama was lucky that he drew the first interview. He looked good. If McCain had gone first, he wouldn't have looked _nearly_ as good.

I hope someone takes the interviews and starts breaking them up by question and comparing them one by one...that would be interesting.

Jungle Mom said...

I was unable to see it, being in Paraguay. Is there a transcript somewhere?

Goat said...

Jungle Mom yes there is a transcript at CNN but reading the transcript won't portray how smooth and comfortable McCain was compared to a halting timid Obama. McCain is not afraid of questions and Obama clearly is.

suek said...

Jungle mom...

Watch your tv for programming - they(MSNBC) replayed it Sunday, and I suspect it's going to be available on various channels during "dead" time...

suek said...

Found this:


Jungle Mom said...

Thanks. I can't download video, my internet is too slow here in Paraguay so I will need to read the transcript.