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Friday, August 01, 2008

Strange Happenings With Internet Explorer:Updated

I use MSN explorer because I am familiar with it and have an extensive favorites list there but tonight while I was able access typical news sites like Town Hall, NRO and RCP I could not access a single blog, be it blogger, typepad, mu.nu, or wordpress. I got the aborted signal so something strange is going on. I am here now because I finally loaded Firefox and will go about the arduous task of learning a new toolbar and getting my favorite sites bookmarked. I spent two hours on the phone with tech support trying to sort it out and he was unable to access those blogs as well so I know its not my computer its a problem with Internet Explorer. I have read of a few problems they have been having of late so maybe its a good thing to switch over to Firefox as it does appear to have a few more tools to play with. If any of my friends have lots of experience with Firefox let me know so I can bug you for tips, LOL.
Update: It looks like its a problem with sitemeter that is mucking with Internet Explorer.
Update: Gateway Pundit has more on this and a tech fix I have not tried yet but Internet Explorer and sitemeter need to get this worked out and quick or they will have lots of unhappy campers to deal with.


Trader Rick said...

Forget about IE, Goat. We switched to Firefox several years ago because of problems with IE, and it was like the difference between night and day--far superior in EVERY way. It's like you've been dealing with one of those old hand crank telephones and trying to wake up Mable so she can try to get a connection for you, while the rest of us are carrying around satellite phones and two-way wrist radios...

We encountered absolutely no problems learning and using Firefox from day one, and were thrilled with the new features and add-ons--and being the ancient fossil that we are and barely computer literate, that's saying a lot.

No, no, no--It's like you are using a tin can and string and we are using mental telepathy in full color and stereo--THAT's the difference between IE and Mozilla!

OK, where's those fries you promised me?

SouthernRoots said...


You can import bookmarks, cookies, etc. from IE to Firefox. Just did it myself this morning.

Go to File, Import and select what you want to bring over.

The bookmarks will come into a folder called "From Internet Explorer".

Next, go to Bookmarks, Organize and you can move everything from the "From Internet Explorer" to the root Bookmark directory.

suek said...

Which Firefox? You should be able to import your bookmarks, whichever one you have. I still use Mozilla - I like the unified browser/email function. At home, that is. At work, I use Firefox. In fact, just updated to the latest version - I don't like it as well. The bookmarks don't have a usable "manage" function. You can move them around on the dropdown, but when you go to the manage function, only the folders appear - so how do you put unfiled ones into the folders?!
The old version I had was 2.1, I think, and the new one is 3.something. I also don't like the format the new one has for History - very garbled. The old one was by day and alphabetized. The old one had a url dropdown that simply listed sites you'd put in, the new one has a dropdown with two lines each, stars and other symbols and is messy.
There may be fixes, but I haven't found them. Well, to be honest, I haven't looked for them. I may see if I can unload the new version and go back to the old one - the change I wanted - that I updated for - didn't "take" anyway.
I may be able to change things in the "tools" utility, but haven't looked very hard. Guess that's my first move.
I haven't used Explorer for years, so don't know what differences there are.

suek said...

Found this elsewhere. No guarantee for anything, but the commenter is usually reliable...not a troll, at any rate.

"In IE7 , go to Tools | Internet Options | Security



to the restricted zone and you wont have any problems ... it will prevent the sitemeter code from running that is causing problems.

Once sitemeter fixes the bugs it made, remove it from the zone."

Goat said...

Thanks y'all, I just keep both browsers open now as I don't want to shut down sitemeter since I like to know who is visiting from where. I am sure they will have the bug worked out soon judging from the outrage and dismay around the blogosphere. I am a quick learner so I will have the firefox toolbar figured out soon enough, I like it so far.

Trader Rick said...

Don't go back to the dark side.