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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Obama Doubles Down On Inflation, Tire Inflation That Is

Today Obama blasted the Bush-Cheney energy policies that he voted for and McCain opposed by reiterating his tire inflation solution to high gas prices. Yes proper auto maintenance is important for better mileage by 3-4% but it is not a solution for our energy crisis. I keep my tires properly inflated as most Americans do and have installed after market exhaust, air filters and a programmable computer chip to improve my MPG. I also drive the speed limit and get passed by everybody out here and my thermostat is set at 85 in the summer and 58 in the winter with state of the art insulation installed all without government intervention.

He really thinks conservatives are stupid because we are mocking him on this, its mocking how inflated his claims are. Keeping our tires properly inflated will not remove the need to drill for our domestic oil and gas until an alternative can be found and that is still many years away from fruition.
Jim Geraghty takes apart Obama's energy proposals including the tire inflation quote in several posts at the Campaign Spot so scroll down. One point Jim makes is that more oil is released from natural seepage into coastal waters than is spilled by drilling for oil by 63% to 1%. One natural seepage off the California coast leaks 150 barrels of oil a day into the ocean and I would think the environuts would want us to tap it to stop the seepage but that makes too much sense. Again this points to the fact that the environuts are not so much for protecting the environment than for anti-corporatism, anti-development and anti-capitalism otherwise known as socialism.
Meanwhile the GOP continues their protest on the Hill in order to push the American Energy Act and force an up or down vote. The Act is a comprehensive plan that not only opens the OCS and AMWR for drilling but also supports conservation, new technology, nuclear power, clean coal, wind, solar, geothermal, etc in a do it all approach that even Paris Hilton can understand (see video in post below this one).


Gayle said...

Not drilling may be dangerous, Goat. I have a post up about a patch of ground in Ventura Country reaching 812 degrees! It's causing forest fires. They suspect oil or gas may be the problem.

shoprat said...

How long before they finally figure out they've nominated a lemon?