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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Newt Joins GOP Rebels On The Hill

Newt Gingrich met with the GOP energy rebels on the Hill today to call for more domestic energy production and a vote on the American Energy Act. He has been at the forefront of this issue with his Drill Here, Drill Now petition and using his American Solutions foundation to push this issue hard.

Democrat Majority leader Nancy Pelosi has told her caucus they can oppose her if it helps them retain their seat in the House and thus the Democrat majority and her leadership position. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are playing political games while America's families and businesses bleed from their pocket books every time they go to the pump or grocery store. Her excuses and blaming Bush are ringing hollow with the people. The GOP lead Congress did vote to allow drilling in ANWR but Clinton vetoed it ten years ago if he hadn't we could have that oil and gas flowing today.
To top it off the presumptuous nominee for the Democrats lies his nose a few inches longer in an interview with Jon Ralston in Las Segas. In it he claims McCain and the GOP oppose alternative energy when they don't, the American Energy Act is a comprehensive bill that says do it all.

No wonder Obama wont meet McCain for townhall debates because he totally makes a fool of himself when he speaks with out a teleprompter telling him what to say. One thing is sure he has an incredibly thin skin and can't handle tough questions.
Remember any vote for any Democrat is a vote for Pelosi, Reid and their high tax dead economy agenda.


Trader Rick said...

obama is a filthy stinkin' liar. His missionaries would see that if their eyes weren't glazed over with his marxist celebrity.

kbTexan said...

So where is Bush? He should be out in front on this. No wonder his approval rating is so dismal.

And where is McCain?

The Republican Party has had no leadership since Newt left.

William R. Barker said...

Great. Newt Gingrich - PRIVATE CITIZEN - is a conservative leader.

Rush Limbaugh - PRIVATE CITIZEN - is a conservative leader.

The Members of the Republican Study Committee are all conservative leaders.

Tom Coburn is a conservative leader.

BUSH...? (*SNORT*) (*SMIRK*)

I left the GOP early in '06. I'm not coming back till the RINOs power is squashed and true conservatives are in leadership positions. In fact, I'm voting for Obama in November because if McCain wins the country will continue to go down the tubes (slower than under Obama I'll grant) and McCain will finish the destruction of the Reagan/Gingrich GOP. And then, with no viable GOP and Obama yesterday's candidate... Hillary Rodham Clinton will be in a position to win the presidency in '12 and that'll put paid to America the Land of the Free.

I love Newt... but he's not Blunt, Boehner, McConnell, McCain, or Bush. As long as the RINOs are leading the GOP, the GOP is as much an enemy of freedom and prosperity as the DNC.


Goat said...

KBTexan, Bush lifted the executive ban and has been pushing for more domestic energy.
William, five reasons you are an idiot if you vote for Obama.
He will lose the war,
he will appoint liberal judges,
he will raise taxes through the roof,
he will greatly increase spending,
and he will kowtow to the radical agenda of the far left.
McCain ain't perfect but he is a far sight better than Obama.
Boehnor and McConnel have been doing a good job thwarting Reid and Pelosi.
You are a fool and an idiot if you vote for Obama, we have not recovered from the damage Carter did yet and Obama would do far more.

Gayle said...

I don't see how any thinking person can vote for Obama. It's one thing to be angry with the GOP, it's quite another to sell out your own country by voting for such a socialist moron.

I really admire Newt! :)