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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mr Olympian Michael Phelps

He has won more gold medals than anyone in the history of the modern Olympics in one of the most physically demanding sports of them all, swimming, and shattering world records along the way. I found this interesting post in RCP's user submitted columns section, great place BTW, about Mike's attention deficit disorder and hyper-activity. I can relate to a degree and I agree with Old Neocon that kids like that just need to be turned loose and not drugged to control them.
My mom got it right when a teacher complained that I was inattentive and disruptive, I would get up and go to the window or elsewhere of my desire. My mom's reply, "he's bored, challenge him", so they did.
My neighbor friend , all my other friends and I had ADD by today's standard, we were kids living life to its fullest, good and bad. The point is that ADD kids need a focus, a challenge, something to work for and in return you might get a Michael Phelps, a Mozart or Barishnikov. I know the harder I worked at sports and training the better I did in class because my mind was less likely to drift to what I would rather be doing.
Don't give them drugs, challenge and steer them but please don't drug them.


AP said...

Phelps is making even more proud to be an American!

- AP


May I comment ...I am a man that had a full quiver.and yes they were wound up.just like me.
I tried to home school to get them out of the JohnDewey commie school system, however sometimes they were in the system...then the problems would happen. Like those meetings with school officials and wannabe psychologists who said my kids needed to be sedated...on one such meeting they asked me what I thought. I replied they did not want to know!
Of course to appease themselves they asked again.that is when I stood and said, "Not a one of you has considered the Gifts of G-D within them"~They then tested all my kids and found they were all operating in high levels.
The youngest one was not attentive in the classroom and di not want to draw dollies and puppies..so I was called in they told me he was ADD and needed focus I told them he was bored.(he was mechanically inclined) so I asked them did you ever hand him some tools ( They did not have a clue)
Abnd these people call themselves teachers.
Real Nasi's( Teachers) have wsdom and discernment from HaShem.
Kids do not need drugs,... they just need to be aimed at their purpose.

Goat said...

I agree, I was fortunate enough to have excellent teachers that challenged me and lived in a time before litigation and over protectionist PC nannies. We had PE and were allowed to play hard, liberal teachers today would be horrified at some of the games we used to play. I understand many schools don't even have recess or physical education anymore because the bureaucrats eat up all the funding and their too afraid of being sued.
Kids will find an outlet for their energy and that can run from very positive to very negative. That energy needs to be fed positive input and focused on excellence, its OK to excell at something. We are equal as people though we will never be equal in abilities and that is a fact that modern progressive liberals can't seem to understand.