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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


As my long time readers know I am a Mitt Romney supporter and would like to see him on the ticket for many reasons. I don't read much into all the prognostication streaming around the net but I know a pro-choice pick will hurt John McCain and the Democrats have a very thin bench leaving a tough choice, while the GOP has a surprisingly deep and strong one. Its actually quite amusing to see the names being floated for Obama's Veep versus those McCain has to choose from.


RightWingRocker said...

How is it surprising that the Republican VP field is strong?

C'mon. They chose the WORST candidate they had available for the number 1 slot.


Trader Rick said...

Actually, it was the dems that picked the worst candidate.

If McCain is so bad as a candidate how come he's TIED with Lord Obama in the polls? In this election of Iraq, Katrina, and the Economy where must you think the other repub candidates would be? 20 points AHEAD??

Politically, Mitt Romney would be the old fart's best bet, by far. Yeah, sure he's flipped a bit and yeah he's a Mormon, but maybe we could get him to flip on that, too...