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Monday, August 25, 2008

Obama Using Free Concert Trick Again

Obama used a free concert by popular bands to draw large numbers in Seattle and Berlin before and he intends to use the same tactic in Denver with Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen bookending his historic speech at Mile High Stadium. This is a total gimmick and one that won't work much longer. If Obama is such a star in his own right then why does he need bands to boost his attendance? I am not a fan of JBJ or BS, both washed out rockers from the 70s and 80s and it shows just how washed out the Obama campaign has become. The celebrity needs celebrity to promote his celebrity, how fitting for the empty suit candidate with zero credentials.


Trader Rick said...

O'Bama does not have zero cred--After all he is a symbol of HOPE and CHANGE for all Afro-Americans, since he is a descendant of Slaves who valiantly helped guide their brothers north on the Underground Railroad.

Oh, wait...

He is symbol to Blacks everywhere to hold their families dear, as a unit. He has a wife and children at home and a brother in

No, wait, wait...

He is an icon of patriotism, with his Flag Lapel Pins, and his pastor mentor who

Well, as Sen. Hairplug Biden says, he IS clean. Personal Hygiene counts, right?

Gayle said...

It's the only way he can get those large crowds. What a phony!

I watched about five minutes of last night's convention, Goat. That was all I could take.

SouthernRoots said...

You really shouldn't get so down on Obama for this. He is only thinking of the people that hear him speak.

After all, if they listen to Obama ramble on, why shouldn't they get "free" music as compensation for their time and trouble?

shoprat said...

He's not much of a thinker or a doer, but he is quite the showman. Of course I would rather have a doer in the Oval Office than a showman. Send Obama to Broadway and leave him there.