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Sunday, August 17, 2008

What Happened Last Night

The Rick Warren Saddleback forum last night yielded some surprising results as I browsed around today, McCain cleared the high bar and Obama ran away. Heck even the moonbats admit Obama got shellacked last night and I saw a lot of conservative commenters say McCain finally had them convinced to support him.
Even better, the loonisphere is now claiming McCain cheated because he answered the questions in a clear way while Obama spun and added more reasons for having obamafuscation added to the dictionary. They simply don't know what to do, Hillary is grinning while trying to keep that closet door shut while John Edwards' just blew open and people are just starting to look behind the door with Obama's name on it.
Meanwhile McCain's Straight Talk Express gathers steam and Obama's bus ran out of gas stuck in a pile of gaffes and umm, ahh,,,,,,,,, bullshit, to coin Penn and Teller.


shoprat said...

Perhaps the tide has finally turned.

suek said...



What if they pull a fast one and nominate Clinton?

I don't know if they even can by their own rules, but what if they do?

Gayle said...

McCain was awesome! It's all good, Goat. :)

I posted the video of Reverend Rick Warren declaring on Hannity & Colmes last night that the claim that McCain heard Obama's interview is a lie. There is no way I would believe the people spreading that lie ove a Reverend with the background that Rick Warren has.

The liberals are sore losers. They know McCain won that round and it scares them so much they have to post falsehoods. It's a good sign! :)

defiant_infidel said...

The tide HAS turned... The accusations of McCain hearing Obama before he hit the stage are the typical items we should expect to hear from the left now... they see what we see!

And it makes them deservedly nervous.

Savor the moment! ;)