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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

McCain's Two Pronged Strategy

It looks like John McCain's team has settled on a two pronged strategy to go after Barack Obama, mock him as an empty suit elitist celebrity out of touch with the American people while continuing to take his straight talk to the American people.

Meanwhile news is breaking that right after he delivers his overblown convention speech at Mile High Stadium Obama is jetting off to Geneva Switzerland to have dinner with Hollywoodite America hater George Clooney for a high dollar fundraiser with ex-pats, so much for the bitter Americans in Peoria.
McCain continues to criss cross America having townhall meetings with regular Americans listening to their concerns and answering their questions while Obama gives condescending speeches and hobnobs with celebrities.
Update: Don't miss this great post at Classical Values about McCain getting inside Obama's 'OODA loop' and a run down on the Alinskyesque tactics of the Obama campaign and how McCain is beating them.

McCain, the fighter pilot, has gotten inside Obama's OODA loop. Something the Navy teaches fighter pilots to do.

The OODA Loop, often called Boyd's Cycle, is a creation of Col. John Boyd, USAF (Ret.). Col. Boyd was a student of tactical operations and observed a similarity in many battles and campaigns. He noted that in many of the engagements, one side presented the other with a series of unexpected and threatening situations with which they had not been able to keep pace. The slower side was eventually defeated. What Col. Boyd observed was the fact that conflicts are time competitive.

Elections are nothing if they are not time competitive. Evidently the "freezing of the opponent" that Alinsky recommends has not worked on McCain. He was not frozen. Once that happened McCain was operating inside Obama's decision loop.

Evidently Boyd is beating Alinsky. Or to put it another way. The fighter pilot is beating the community organizer.

Do read the whole thing as it gives valuable insight into how team Obama works as a direct connection to his days working with the communist Alinsky in his time as a community organizer. Obama is now constantly on the defensive and when he counters McCain is ready for it.

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