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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Some Truth About Tapping American Oil Reserves

Americans by an overwhelming majority believe we should tap our domestic oil reserves and I agree. I have seen some posts saying they would allow it as long as it is kept here in the US. Oil is a world wide commodity and whatever we produce here would go on the world market to be sold at the world market price and that is a fact. That said the US would buy from US suppliers and any additions to the world supply will drive prices down. Having our own resources flowing would also help diminish other disruptions in the world supplies. We have plenty of oil and I am sure the vast majority of it would be used here in the US simply to avoid the costs of transporting it to other nations. Even if we became a net exporter of oil products that is still money flowing into America and not out of it not to mention the jobs created by that boom. We need to drill here , drill now and no argument made by the left makes any sense, not even supposed global warming as that is just a myth cooked up by socialists to scare people into giving up their freedom.


jay1949 said...

Goat: Security of supply is a big factor in favor of increasing domestic production. Otherwise we're subject to being held politically hostage by anti-American zealots like Nancy Pel . . . beg pardon; that weasely guy from Nevada . . . damn! - - Iran, yes, that's what I meant; Iran - - Jay

Gayle said...

LOL, Jay!

I couldn't agree with you more, Goat. The Democrat's stand on this, just like on most issues, is ridiculous!

Trader Rick said...

This is no drill! Drill here, drill now!!