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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Obama's Big Speech: Updated

Amanda Carpenter has some excerpts posted and it looks long on fluff, short on substance with more than a few half truths and outright lies thrown in like most of the other Democrats speeches this week. They love to rail against the "failed policies" of the Bush administration that have liberated two countries from tyrannical rule while keeping us safe here at home and seen a worldwide reduction in terrorist actions in general. Our economy has continued to grow after Bush's taxcuts pulled us out of the Clinton recession brought on by the dotcom bubble bust, unemployment is lower than the Clinton years and incomes have risen while the poverty rate has fallen despite the war and major weather disasters. The Democrats whine about how hard it is to live in America but the only areas that are struggling like Michigan are run by Democrats and the reason companies leave America or change states is the taxation and regulation imposed by Democrats.
The mortgage crisis was also caused by the Democrats forcing lenders to give loans to people that did not qualify by banning redlining. The energy problems are also a result of Democrat opposition to drilling for oil, expanding refinery capacity, and nuclear power, ANWR would be producing oil and natural gas today if Bill Clinton had not vetoed it ten years ago. The cost of energy to power our vehicles, homes and businesses is responsible for all the inflationary pressure the economy is experiencing now and is not a result of Bush policies but of Democrat opposition to. Obama and more Democrats is not the answer to keep America strong, it is a recipe for economic disaster and a far weaker America. Don't let their lies and smoke and mirrors charade fool you.

Update: The folks at Contentions, keep scrolling down as it is several pages worth, say this was the nastiest speech they have ever heard for an acceptance speech and the angry was more evident than the positive. That is not good for Obama and his message of positive change, hah.
Update: I feel even better when the folks over at the Corner agree with me or me with them. VDH nails it, but read their whole coverage.

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