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Friday, August 22, 2008

Why McCain's Ads Are Effective

The McCain team has found a way to really get under Obama's skin by mocking his celebrity and the messianic imagery generated by his supporters. We have all seen all the pictures and posters of Obama staring up and into the distance with the halo image around his portrait. Its why these ads by McCain are effective and Obama has trouble trying to counter them.

Plus the independent videos on You Tube by Obama's fans are so over the top that they aren't very helpful in bringing Obama back down to earth. Obama himself by playing into this imagery has set the bar so extremely high for himself that any mistake becomes even more glaring and for a walking talking gaffe machine with a questionable background that's not good. Check this one out that Allahpundit found called American Prayer that has the Obamabots swooning.

Somehow I doubt most Americans will think of a far left radical with unrepentant America hating bombers, convicted slumlords and racist pastors in his background as an American Prayer. There is just something really creepy about the whole thing.

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Trader Rick said...

This American Prayer thing is not my culture. I'm kinda glad I don't have even a clue as to who most of those freaks are--and really don't want to.