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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Obama Brownshirts

Barack Obama does not want the American people to know about his decades long association with Weather Underground murderers and bombers Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. They have written two letters to the Dept of Justice demanding an investigation into the American Issues Project the group that put out this ad connecting Obama and Ayers. They are also harrassing TV stations that air it, just a peak into what an Obama administration would be like.

Michelle Malkin has much more info on this including AIP's replies plus lots on Obama's ties to the notorious voter fraud outfit ACORN. Don't criticize the Obama or you will get harrassed, censored and threatened with law suits, change you can believe in.

In other Ayers related news the UIC Library finally allowed access to the files on the Annenburg Challenge and Stanley Kurtz is there and digging in with relish. Obama's "lost years" are being uncovered and none of it looks very good for the candidate of hope and change, ahh the web of the Chicago corruption machine is very sticky indeed. I tell you what, for a man that has written two autobiographies before he was forty he sure has a very dark and mysterious past with many very disturbing friends and mentors. Geraldine Ferraro was right when she said if he were a white guy he never would have gotten this far and now that people are starting to see through his empty high falutin rhetoric he is sinking in the polls. May the SS Obama continue to sink as the grizzled old fighter pilot continues to fly.


Trader Rick said...

Why are you always hatin' on O'Bama? You expect too much of him. Nobody's perfect. Nobody can choose their own friends or mentors. Why do you want to keep him down? He has cute kids, so knock it off. Nobody's prepared to be the leader of the Free world, there's no other job like it. He can do it just as good as anybody. Carter proved that. Plus he'll have experts to tell him what to do. This fine upstanding clean young man deserves your respect and support in his historic effort to peter principle himself to a higher pay grade. Swiftboating him with the truth won't work, he is an authentic rock god and above all your criticism. Plus, his very own old white guy will be at his side. Chill, dude, it's all OK.

Critical Thinker said...

Very glad to see this story popping up on other blogs. Unfortunately it will get lost in the coverage of the DNC. Nevertheless, this story defines Obama, his campaign, and his underlings. Suppression of ideas that differ from his sounds strangely reminiscent of Mother Russia.


Gayle said...

The truth is finally getting out there and of course Obama doesn't like it. I'm very grateful to the American Issues Project group for putting this ad out there. Someone needs to remind Obama that we have freedom of speech in this country!

I'm going to post this video too. The more it gets out there the better. I'm also going to trot over to Michelle's and see what she has o say. This is getting very, very interesting! :)

shoprat said...

I'm just glad people are learning and releasing this now instead of in December. You can't suppress the truth forever.

Gayle said...

Some liberal named Rob over at Ken's blog came into his post and said that there is no way anyone will believe the ad because Obama's association with Ayers was 40 years ago. LOL! I'm beginning to believe that liberals truly are brain dead!