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Sunday, August 24, 2008

There Goes The Moonbat Vote

This will tick off moonbats even more than Joe Biden voting for the war, he is also an architect of the war on drugs and the RAVE act aimed at shutting down the massive techno parties because of the drug use at them. That will come as news to all the young groupies in Obama's flock gathering in Denver. Dan Riehl has more on Biden and his war on drugs.

The Drug War is Biden’s pet issue, one he pays close attention to. Senator Biden was one of the original drafters of the legislation that created the Office of National Drug Control Policy, an anti-drug office of the White House.

The Rave Act has the force to stop licensed and law-abiding business owners from hosting events out of fear of massive fines and prison sentences. Shortly after the act became law, a federal agent in Montana used it to shut down a benefit to raise money for Students for Sensible Drug Policy and the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. The DEA agent told managers of the Eagle Lodge in Billings, Montana that the Lodge could be fined $250,000 if anyone smoked marijuana during a planned benefit to raise money for a campaign to pass a medical marijuana law in Montana. The Eagle Lodge canceled the event.

I've seen rumors that the Denver police are to overlook smoking pot in public this week, I guess they figure the protestors are all stoned out of their minds they will just sit in the park and beat on bongos. They are probably more worried about overflowing the jail and court system.
Meanwhile Jasom Matera of YAF and Hot Air TV has gone undercover on the streets of Denver and there are several other conservative bloggers roaming around incognito. They need to stay unknown for their safety since a FOX reporter has already come under assault by raving moonbats. Something those dimwits don't seem to understand is that acting like obnoxious idiots does little to help their cause and instead turns people off.


shoprat said...

The best way to destroy a fool is to let them show the entire world that they are fools. Give em some rope and the leftists will hang themselves.

Gayle said...

They acting like obnoxious idiots because that's exactly what they are. I'm very glad that the conservatives are keeping a low profile. Thanks for the links. I'm going to check them out.