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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finally An Obama And Ayers Ad

Its done by an independant group not associated with the McCain campaign but it is slick and well done and about time.

It is timely in that Ayers is back with alot of stink being raised about the Chicago Annenburg Challenge which Ayers founded and Obama ran and the records from that time being blocked from scrutiny. Thanks to the work done by NRO's Stanley Kurtz, and bloggers Tom Maguire and Steve Diamond we at least know some at least. The CAC was an effort to reform the broken education system in Chicago and had access to millions in public and private funds. It appears to have been a massive failure and since Barack was board chairman he was responsible for operations, where money was directed and for what projects were undertaken. This is the only leadership position Obama has ever held and so what happened and why with the CAC is a relevant and important part of Obama's resume but it is strangely not listed. The Woods Fund gets mentioned and should be examined more closely but the CAC is always skipped over, why?
Where did all that money go?
Why was there no improvement in the still horrible Chicago school system?
If this has been a success wouldn't Obama be bragging about it now?
Why does Obama never mention it at all?
If he has nothing to hide why doesn't he instruct the Library to relese the records?
Was this just a typical corrupt Chicago scheme to launder taxpayer and private donor funds to political allies and socialist causes?
The fact that this is in Chicago, has the Ayers family name all over it, Obama ran it and now the cover up makes this one stinky onion just waiting to be peeled.


Paul Zannucci said...

Nice find, Goat.

Don Bistrow said...

Ayers and wife Bernadine Dorhn are "Americans" at their worst. College professors who have a hold of young minds in "respectable" schools, one my graduate alma mater, Northwestern University.

I have more on Ayers, Dorhn, and the Woods Fund of Chicago to compliment this ad.

Thanks for posting this ad, let's keep the story about Barack Hussein Obama and his ilk alive so America can stay free.

Gayle said...

I'm beginning to think if Hitler were alive and well we would find him hiding under Obama's bus with the rest of the folks he's thrown under there.

suek said...

The Annenberg Fund also has a hand in Factcheck.org...
So if you're checking up on Obama, you'll probably find all on Factcheck is favorable. They've just published another certificate of live birth for Obama, and state that all is just dandy...but there's still stuff blacked out.