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Friday, August 08, 2008

Liberal Fascism In Action

One of the favorite memes of moonbat lefties is that conservatives are fascists because we are opposed to their socialist spending programs, moral relativity and their agenda in general. Well at least we don't attempt to silence their donors with threatening letters meant to scare and suppress them into not donating to liberal movements. A left wing group dedicated to electing Democrats called Accountable America has sent out a warning letter to top GOP donors threatening to publish their names among other things and is busy digging for dirt on any 501c and 527 groups associated with conservative causes. Michelle Malkin has a copy of the letter posted along with more information on this scumbag fascist organization no doubt funded largely by George Soros. I can't think of a much better way to get the conservative base fired up to defeat liberals than a stunt like this.
I had a troll a while back that loved to call me a "brownshirt" because I wouldn't post its comments not realizing moderating comments on a personal site is not fascism but that if I had attempted to have his site shutdown that would be. I have not read Jonah Goldberg's book Liberal Fascism yet but he lays out why the left is far more similar to fascists aka socialists than conservatives that believe in free speech and the rest of the Bill of Rights because they attempt to force their ideas and silence to opposition with things like the "Fairness Doctrine" This letter just proves it even more as an attempt to shutdown and silence those that oppose them, something they can't stand since the left can't win on the power of its ideas.

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