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Monday, July 28, 2008

Barack Obama The Deconstructionist's Candidate

For nearly forty years since the social upheaval of the late '60s and early '70s liberal academia has been attempting to deconstruct and rewrite what is great about America. Kyle-Anne Shiver has written a must read brilliant essay for the American Thinker that deconstructs the modern Democrat Party and its selected nominee Barack Obama. When you really look at it neither of their two finalists Hillary or Barack are truly qualified to be President though I would give a slight edge to Hillary thanks to her husband.

The academics' pet theory of the past 30 years has touched numerous facets of our society. These thorny deconstructionists have managed to convince many an American college student to sacrifice his God-given common sense and Judeo/Christian values on the altar of presumed white male privilege, from which these students are admonished they now must actively disengage. After all, say the deconstructionists and their postmodernist, post-colonialist allies, every single good in Western civilization has been irrevocably tainted by the despicable, ill-gotten-gain methods of those nasty, imperialist, white, male, chauvinist-pig founders, warriors, inventors, builders, landowners, writers, jurists et al. How dare we, as modern day white Westerners, reap the ill-gotten benefits of such a despicable, greedy, imperialistic lot.

And on the Democrat Party she writes.
The Democratic National Convention of 1968 was a quite raucous and bloody affair, with mobs of young leftist agitators rioting in the streets of Chicago, demanding their way. These home-grown Marxist revolutionaries, many of whom went on to become domestic terrorists and bombers and universal nihilists of all variety, didn't get their way that year. But they did make enough of a dent in the bastions of Democratic Party authority to rewrite the nominating rules around what they considered more egalitarian principles. What resulted from the radical changes to the nominating process is the convoluted mess that formed the basis for this year's slugfest between two affirmative-action candidates.

And I really liked this part on Obama.
So far, Obama's only plans worth noting are to disarm America and turn over vast amounts of our wealth to refortify failing dictatorships in third-world countries. If accomplished, this will amount to nothing less than handing over our sovereignty and liberty in favor of bondage to international consensus.
I must accept that Obama's death plan for America, the Land that I love, is actually better than McCain's life plan to preserve and protect our liberty.
I might as well go a bit further with the deconstructionists and throw in another purely Western assumption. Liberty over bondage. Yes, it's true. Color me prejudiced to the core of my being.
I actually will prefer to my dying day, with the last breath I draw, as God is my witness, liberty over bondage.

Indeed she is absolutely correct the Democrats are no longer democratic, they believe in bondage to the government in the form of taxation and regulation. They hate capitalism, profit and success so they seek to tax and regulate it then make it submissive to government through subsidies. They want to give special privileges to people simply because of how they look or act not on their merits. They want to control people not represent them which is the antithesis to democracy in a federalist republic. The are no longer interested in the power of the people but in power over the people and it is time we the people took that power back.

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