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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Was Obama's Big Speech In Berlin Even Legal

Lots of ethics questions can be raised about his big shindig today including the free performance of the German bands and other expenditures involved by foreigners to pull it off. According to Campaign Finance Law it may very well be illegal.

Title III: Miscellaneous…….(Sec. 303) Amends FECA to revise the ban on campaign contributions from foreign nationals to include donations, expenditures, independent expenditures, disbursements for an electioneering communication, as well as contributions or donations to any political party committee.

Did the campaign pay for all this, the bands, the security, the venue or even the cleanup? If the bands performed for free then it is an inkind contribution the same if Berlin provided security. This combined with Pamela Gellar's investigation into Obama's fundraising brings up a lot of tough ethical questions to be asked by the FEC, no wonder the Democrats are blocking President Bush's ability to fill out the FEC board.
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Anonymous said...

There is a basic problem too with a foreigner making a political speech in Germany. Does one really think Mrs. Merkel could rent out an American baseball stadium and preach like Mr. Obama did? To use Mr. McCain's words, no rational person would have done that. And he is going to speak soon in front of 10Downing Street. No rational person...

You asked the right question, but one needs more facts to venture an opinion.

Mr. Obama must have ordered the balloons floating around the Victory Column. Follow this link to see what I mean:


The article discusses, inter alia, the first point mentioned in my comment.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

You do raise a good point.

But, really, given that Obama is so far beyond telling the truth--and is so deluded that he's already making plans for his transition into the White House--and the so-called "news" media report his plane landing safely, but refuse to puruse things that matter about him and his background----given things like these and many more, where to go with this?

SouthernRoots said...

Obama has always used an existing office to run for a higher office.

In this case, as he runs for President of the World, I think he has forgotten that he has yet to win the US Presidency.....

RightWingRocker said...

Don't be looking for it to happen any day soon. Obama's a Democrat, and you can bet all the libs will be standing up for him, probably in both parties.

Never mind that the stinkin' campaign finance law is illegal to begin with.