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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Beers, Brats, Bands And Obama: Updated

Citizen of the World Obama made his big speech in Berlin today and as usual said nothing very well since he had his teleprompter. He said "This is the moment" 16 times, wow, what a speaker. What the MSM will fail to tell you is that rockstar Obama had two popular German bands warm the crowd up for him with ample concession stands serving beer and brats. Heck I would have gone to a free concert even if Obama was going to speak not because he was going to.
He did manage to get in some sightseeing while there but cancelled a scheduled trip to visit our troops stationed there including the wounded vets at Landstuhl. I guess he knows the troops don't like him very much but his excuse was that it wouldn't be appropriate.

1:42 p.m.: SPIEGEL ONLINE has learned that Obama has cancelled a planned short visit to the Rammstein and Landstuhl US military bases in the southwest German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The visits were planned for Friday. “Barack Obama will not be coming to us,” a spokesperson for the US military hospital in Landstuhl announced. “I don’t know why.” Shortly before the same spokeswoman had announced a planned visit by Obama.

Plus his visits to Iraq and Afghanistan appear to have been tightly scripted and controlled with no actual contact with the troops. Blackfive has emails from soldiers that say he basically snubbed them.
Hello everyone,

As you know I am not a very political person. I just wanted to pass along that Senator Obama came to Bagram Afghanistan for about an hour on his visit to ' The War Zone ' . I wanted to share with you what happened.

He got off the plane and got into a bullet proof vehicle, got to the area to meet with the Major General (2 Star) who is the commander here at Bagram.

As the Soldiers where lined up to shake his hand, he blew them off and didn't say a word as he went into the conference room to meet the General. As he finished, the vehicles took him to the ClamShell (pretty much a big top tent that military personnel can play basketball or work out in with weights) so he could take his publicity pictures playing basketball. He again shunned the opportunity to talk to Soldiers to thank them for their service.

So really he was just here to make a showing for the Americans back home that he is their candidate for President. I think that if you are going to make an effort to come all the way over here you would thank those that are providing the freedom that they are providing for you.

I swear we got more thanks from the NBA Basketball Players or the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders than from one of the Senators, who wants to be the President of the United States . I just don't understand how anyone would want him to be our Commander-and-Chief. It was almost that he was scared to be around those that provide the freedom for him and our great country.

If this is blunt and to the point I am sorry but I wanted you all to know what kind of caliber of person he really is. What you see in the news is all fake.

Confederate Yankee has text of another one that must be from Kuwait where Obama made his famous basketball shot from "way outside the paint" detailing how tightly controlled his fact finding mission was. It is rather long but a must read, here is a snip.
Now, there are close to 8000 troops on the base and its nearby satellites. No one came up from the Army side (except perhaps a few ranking officers). The airbase resumed operation, once he cleared the flightline, as if nothing had happened. The dining hall holds about 300 people and was not full. The troops did not want to meet him and the feeling was apparently mutual. In attendance, besides the Official Entourage, were the base's senior officers, some support personnel, and a very few carefully vetted supporters who'd made special arrangements. No photos were allowed. No question and answer with the troops. No real acknowledgment that the troops existed.

The same email says 95% of the base wanted nothing to do with him and think he is a buffoon. So our would be Commander in Chief flies around the world smoozes with palistinian terrorist Abbas and anti-American Germans while snubbing our troops. At least the Israeli people are smart, they met him with protests and jeers.
Update: From the comments at this Hotair post, one commenter asked if the Berlin Speech was an illegal campaign contribution and another pulled up this bit from the Campaign Finance Reform Act.
Title III: Miscellaneous…….(Sec. 303) Amends FECA to revise the ban on campaign contributions from foreign nationals to include donations, expenditures, independent expenditures, disbursements for an electioneering communication, as well as contributions or donations to any political party committee.


Anonymous said...

I just cannot believe he will try a repeat of his Oregon trick in Berlin. His faux Nazi entrance ticket did not say a word about the free concert.

Who pays for all that?


suek said...

Somewhere yesterday I ran across an article commenting on the fact that the Dems are resisting any congressional action that would result in facilitating the military vote. While I understand why, nevertheless, it gives a whole new light to the Obama snub - he knows they don't have an effective vote, and there was nothing in the way of press coverage.

If I can find the article again, I'll post it.

My husband is retired military. As such, he retained his residency in our home state, and he voted absentee. I didn't have the same option. I used to register to vote wherever we were, and just voted for national candidates. I didn't know enough about the local conditions to vote on local matters, but when it came to the President, I voted.

SouthernRoots said...

A real Commander in Chief would have visited the troops. Period.