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Sunday, July 06, 2008

We Are Winning In Iraq

Iraqi PM Nouri Al-Maliki is saying the terrorists are defeated and that we are just mopping up stragglers of the beaten insurgency. I know this story will barely dent the US MSM that has been so heavily invested in our defeat as a way to tarnish George Bush but the Times of London is not so shy about reporting it and even the AP has had to admit it. Al Qaeda has suffered a gut busting defeat in Iraq and lost many thousands of fighters while turning the people against them. If we had retreated in defeat like the Democrats and Obama have wanted then we would have handed a strategic victory to AQ like we did when Clinton ran from Somalia in the '90s. I know this has got to be disheartening to all those moonbats out there that have protested their poor little hearts out. Heck all this success even has Obama flopping around on the issue like a fish out of water much to the consternation of his nutroots base. President Bush and John McCain have been vindicated in their support for the surge in forces and Gen. Petraeus will go down as one of the top leaders in military history. Those surge forces are now coming home in honor and victory not shame and defeat.
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Gayle said...

Geez, Goat! What are you trying to do? Piss off the liberals? They don't want to hear any of this. They wanted our soldiers to come home in defeat, a fact that I won't ever understand as long as I live!

The Griper said...

shucks, gayle understanding that is easy. they want the troops home and they don't care how they come home. our side cares how they come home. that is their support vs our support of the troops.

i also have to laugh at their newest argument now that in sending troops into Iraq we "abandoned" afghanistan.