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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Obama Making Waves In The Future

Obama expects to be president for next eight to ten years as he tells it in and interview with CBS's Lara Logan.

"the objective of this trip was to have substantive discussions with people like President Karzai or Prime Minister Maliki or President Sarkozy or others who I expect to be dealing with over the next eight to 10 years.

"And it's important for me to have a relationship with them early, that I start listening to them now, getting a sense of what their interests and concerns are."

Now this quote is quite astounding for its arrogance and presumptiousness in that he assumes he will be elected and that the other leaders will still be in power. What Obama says on his trip abroad will have wide ramifications if he continues to make the kind of gaffes he has continued to make. Jake Tapper has compared it to the butterfly effect of chaos theory.
The butterfly effect was introduced in Ray Bradbury's 1952 short story "A Sound of Thunder," when time travelers change the world beyond measure by accidentally killing a butterfly in prehistoric times.

Similarly, international diplomacy can be impacted by careless or glibly-chosen words. (Cue President Bush's "crusade" remarks.)

Some Democratic allies of Obama's are -- off the record -- concerned that the senator too often doesn't consider the potential butterfly effect of his diction.

Take his support for an "undivided Jerusalem," or his remarks about women seeking abortions when they're "feeling blue," which upset feminist leaders.

This is also on display as he has chosen to speak at the "Victory" monument in Germany which is a symbol of Prussian aggression and victory over its neighbors and where Hitler held massive rallies. Cap'n Ed has more on this and had this to say.
Hitler didn’t just move the monument to its more central location. He had a taller column built for it as well, to emphasize its message of German military domination over Europe. He saw it as a message to Germans of their destiny — as well as to other Europeans as their destiny as well. It was never meant as a symbol of peaceful, multicultural co-existence.
Team Obama has outdone themselves on symbolism with this choice. They’ve managed to make their hosts uncomfortable for a second time with their choice of rallying point, and perhaps more so this time. If one wanted to talk peace, what worse location could one choose than Adolf Hitler’s favorite monument to militaristic domination? One has to wonder how France, Denmark, and Austria will feel about Obama rallying German masses under the Siegessäule. Deja vu?

Obama shows himself once again to be a naive arrogant fool and further demonstrates why he is not qualified to be POTUS. I can empathize with Hillary's supporters in that even though I disagree with her policies she would never be that stupid or show that level of supreme arrogance.


Anonymous said...

G: Unfortunately, I am not surprised at the 8 to 10 year comment - - as arrogant as it is, it's fairly mild for Obama - - compare, for example, the idea of a 500,000 person civilian security force - - this guy has a disturbed personality and his grandiose schemes are most unsettling - - Jay

Goat said...

Welcome Jay, I wrote about that the other day.

Anonymous said...

Good article, and I agree with jay1949.

I was curious to see the German reaction to Mr. Obama's choices.


The article outlines the political arguments against his first choice, shows a number of alternative venues, including Charlie Point, and concludes by indicating that his second choice, the Victory Column, is even worse than his first one.

Unfortunately the article is available only in German, but the pictures give quite a good idea.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

This guy needs some serious size-11-wide therapy up his rear end.

Maybe that'd jolt some sense into him and joggle some arrogance out of him.

That said, I guess he does expect to be in office for 2.5 terms.

Wonder if he knows that he can only serve two four-year terms and that, unless part of the change he's bringing is in either simple arithmetic and/or the Constitution, that means only eight years?

Obama's now beyond goofy: He's becoming scary with his pathological narcissim.

Gayle said...

My goodness! What else to expect from a nutjob who thinks there are 57 states?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that Obama is a pathological narcissist. The guy needs a psychiatrist and medication, not a run for president. I think his wife needs therapy to get her rage issues under control. As far as the 8-10 year comment, I fear that's Obama's way of telling us he's going to change the rules and declare himself lifelong dictator like Castro did in Cuba.

I have a question for Jay1949. How would Obama's 500,000 civilian security force differ from the Dept. of Homeland Security that already exists? I'm missing something here. I don't understand the purpose of this force. If it's a security force designed to fight terrorism, don't we already have a mechanism in place(albeit, not a very effective one?) Or does he have something else entirely in mind? Sue