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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Interesting Energy Plan

Via Weekly Standard, T Boone Pickens is an oil man and this makes some sense along with tapping our vast natural reserves of natural gas as an alternative to petroleum to fuel our vehicles. Some of us can't simply switch to a tiny electric car since a truck capable of hauling large or heavy loads is essential to our business.

I am not a big fan of wind farms since they are ugly, ask Ted Kennedy(D), but they are better than nothing. As the GOP is pushing we need to do all of it, increase domestic oil and natural gas production, improve wind and solar technology, clean coal and coal gassification, improve efficiency to aid conservation and build nuclear plants but the Democrats fight all of it.

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The Griper said...

i wouldn't worry about the ugliness of how wind farms look, goat. like any inovation is usually ugly in looks in the beginning but given use and time this would be solved too. this would be true as more efficient ways of applying it would evolve.