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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Iranian Missile Tests

They may very well have conducted some missile tests over the last couple days but the pictures they released to the media are either photoshopped or from a previous test as Gateway Pundit and Little Green Footballs have pointed out. Of course western media ran with the propaganda from the Iranian regime and now have rotten egg all over their faces and have had to backtrack once again. What happened to all those layers of fact checking and editorial review? Once again pajama clad bloggers have exposed the MSM for what they are, dupes and useful idiots for muslim propaganda. Jim points out that the pictures used by Iranian media are from 2007 and Charles points out the obvious photoshop used to cover a failed launch. Why does the Iranian regime need to use old pictures or faux pictures if their tests were legit or successful? Regardless they still need to be taken seriously as these are long range ballistic missiles capable of hitting Israel and Europe and thus the need for a missile defense system.
The State Department has inked deals with Poland and the Czech Republic for radar and missile stations and Israel is actively working on their own version that will also protect against the short range missiles and mortars fired from Gaza and Lebanon.
John McCain gets it right but Obama still wants to negotiate with Tehran even though continuing negotiations have gotten nowhere with the mad mullahs and their nut job president. We need missile defense in face of the threats and this is what Obama has said in the past about it.

I wonder when Obama is going to refine those statements.
Update: Related article at Human Events on whether Israel will hit Iran soon.


Americaneocon said...

Very interesting story...

Gayle said...

I heard on Fox News yesterday that the photos were photoshopped, Goat, but yes... the internet got it first, as always!

I'm glad you posted this video. Everyone should hear it! I wish that Fox News would play this.