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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Hitting A Hippy's Nerves

Yesterday I wrote about an article by Daniel Flynn that looked at the history of radical student groups from the '60s and their founder's history and connections to or support for Barack Obama. It must have hit a nerve as Carl Davidson left a comment on the post, yes this Carl Davidson, his comment follows.

Then there’s Carl Davidson, who was one of SDS’s three elected national officers in 1968, when the organization first urged young people to refrain from voting. His disillusionment with traditional politics became so pronounced that, in the post-sixties hangover that followed, Davidson joined Klonsky in rejecting traditional politics for fringe Marxist movements. More recently, he helped organize the 2002 rally in which Obama first spoke out against the Iraq War and now serves as the webmaster of Progressives for Obama. “The last thing we need is a simple repeat of 1968, which saw Nixon and the new Right as an outcome, as well as the defeat of [Humphrey],” Davidson contends. “One thing I’ve learned. Social change is not made by elections, but it certainly proceeds through them, not by ignoring them or chasing the illusion of end runs around them.”

He desparately tries to cover for his hopeness Obama but I don't buy it one bit, here is his comment/obamafuscation. Yea I can make up words, shush.
This crap is just silly.

Yes, I met Obama in 1995, along with some ACORN ladies, for less than an hour. I later lobbied him to spend some state money on learning centers with computers for inner city kids, which he did. I was one of several inviting him to speak at our first antiwar rally, but never talked to him that day. A little later, I said hello to him at a fundraiser for his senate race for two minutes.

That the complete total of my 'connections'.

I'm an 'acquaintance,' not a 'friend' and if he even remembers my name at all, it's because of bugging him to spend money on the learning centers.

Today I run 'Progressives for Obama', a web site completely independent of him. We distance ourselves from him, and he can do likewise. Technically, we don't even endorse him; we simply say he's our 'best option.' So there's no need for him to reject what's not there. We do want people to vote for him, mainly as a way to end this horrible, unjust and stupid war. But we criticize him on many things all the time

But if you look out there in rightwing cyberspace, I'm the dreaded 'terrorist' and 'Communist Mentor' responsible for shaping the 'Marxist Obama.' I kid you not.

And this crap gets bounced around as 'Research' and 'Fox-Hannity truth.' Spare me. These guys have such tiny brains that they wouldn't know serious research or polemic if they saw it.

With my trusty Google, and six degrees of separation, I can show 'connections' between this author and advocates of Biblical slavery and worse, and it would mean just as much.

What he really wants to do is 'Willie Hortonize' the entire 1960s new left, which number in the millions, and 'demonize' them to shut them up.

He doesn't even bother to ask the most interesting questions. Why is Bill Ayers a widely respected educator and school reformer, acknowledged and defended by even Mayor Daley, despite his over-the-top politics of 40 years ago? Or why Mike Klonsky is respected enough to be a voice on national commissions on prevent school violence? The irony is that none of these guys, including me, could give a hoot if Obama 'throws them under the bus,' because it's not about us, and never has been. Here, we're only scary, carefully made-up cartoons, with little connection with who we really are, designed to scare gullible people, to play all of you as suckers, and some of you are falling for it.

I've been part of the real Chicago left for decades, and believe me, Obama has never been part of it. He's a decent reformist liberal with ideas far removed from socialism or Marxism.

Obama is a 'high road' industrial policy capitalist and multipolar globalist--just read his Cooper Union speech a while back. Clinton is a garden-variety corporate liberal capitalist, which got her on the board of Walmart for years. And McCain is a US hegemonist and an unreconstructed neoliberal capitalist--'state all evil, market all good'--that kind that says 'We're in business to make money, not steel, so we'll gut these plants and speculate in oil futures, and the workers and towns be damned.' In other words, the ones who 'cut taxes' by putting everything on the China Visa card and got us into this mess.

Actually, truth be told, Obama's brand of capitalism is best for productive businesses, as opposed to many speculators, and does least harm to the working class. That doesn't mean we can't press him to be better at it, as in promoting and building infrastructure for new green businesses and green jobs for youth. All those solar panels and wave and wind turbines have to be built somewhere by someone.

If you want to criticize him, all this stuff is fair game, that is, if you want to get out of the nasty-name calling of the kindergarten sandbox and learn enough to play with the big kids, let alone the grownups.

But being enthralled by Mr. Flynn just means you have a ways to go.

The words of a commited communist Obama supporter that thinks we are being silly and considers Billy bomber Ayers to be a respectable person. To bad he doesn't have a grasp on reality since his wing of the party blocks all those solar and wind projects because they harm birds and desert rats. I guess all those drugs went to his head and he now lives in a fantasy land or should I say a yellow submarine with strawberry fields forever.


Americaneocon said...

Goat: Any person who creates a "Progressives for Obama" website - "progressvive" being a modern cover for "radical - and then turns around and denies he's "really for Obama" is likely high on drugs.

The Flynn piece was one of the best ones I've seen so far on radical support for Obama.

Keep up your good work - you're obviously getting to these folks when they turn around and post denials in the comments section at the Barnyard.

Goat said...

Good to see you again Don, I hit a nerve alright and it shows.

Carl Davidson said...

'Hippy?' That's a hoot. I was never much of one back then. More of a cross between a beatnik and Hank Williams.

Cover up my hopefulness for Obama? Hardly, I'm hopeful he'll end the damned war, but, yes, when it comes to politicians of any sort, I'm not fresh out of the pumpkin patch. They usually don't do the right thing unless you've organized the clout to put the heat on.

Which leads to your other point. The Dems are hardly my party. Never cared much for them, even though I vote for a few. Never a Clinton, though. I tagged him as a sleazeball, although a very smart one, from day one. So yes, to see some of the changes I want, like growing new wealth in a green way, we'll have to push some of them to the side, too.

No, think of me as having learned some lessons from how the Christian coalition a while back applied the strategy and tactics of the Italian communist, Antonio Gramsci, but now I'm running them from the left, taking them full circle back to where they started.

Goat said...

Carl, I am all for green and clean technology but it is still a ways off from being technically or fiscally feasible on a cost vs return basis. I priced solar panels for my house and they would not come close to paying for themselves for about 30 years. I am personally very green by choice eventhough I reject the global warming myth and the fascistic tactics being used to force that agenda on us.
I am not familiar with Gramsci's writings other than he was an Italian fascist/communist and I also rejected the tactics of the Moral Majority trying to legislate morality.
So you admit that the environmentalist on the left are using fascistic tactics to force the rest of us to behave how you think we should. Well I happen to be a self employed contractor and have no choice but to drive a truck with enough power to move heavy loads. I can't very well fit large sheets of glass onto a Prious.
As for Obama he is a far left radical whose policies would wreck the economy and a typical slimy politician that will say whatever he needs to to get elected. I also see nothing progressive about the progressive movement that supports him.
As for the war it is ending in victory very quickly as it should whether we should have started the Iraq war in the first place is a moot point. We are there and we should not leave untill the Iraqi people can protect themselves from the radicals in Iran and Al Qaeda. Or do you think we should grant the radicals of Islam a victory by running away? I imagine that you would then also support the palestinians and their jihad against Israel.

Tom the Redhunter said...

This just gets better and better!

I never imagined that Carl Davidson would keep coming back. I'm amazed he even left his first comment yesterday. This guy sure has an awfully thin skin. Has he been running all around the Internet leaving "Don't pick on me!" comments on all blogs who posted on Flynn's story? Looks that way.

Gayle said...

Yes, Goat, we should run away from Israel and let the palestinians destroy Israel and when terrorists attack us here, you and I who have weapons will be expected to protect the protesting moonbats who will be cowering under their beds.

"Obamafuscation" is a good word. It should be in the dictionary. :)
"Progressives for Obama!" The title is an oxymoron. The only thing progressives are going to do if they get the chance is return us to the horse and buggy days. Can you even imagine the arrogance of this guy accusing Hannity of having a "tiny brain"? LOL! To say that Obama is "a decent reformist liberal with ideas far removed from socialism or Marxism" is either utterly stupid or an outright lie. More than likely it's a bit of both.

Have fun, Goat.

Goat said...

Tom, he seems like a typical but affable moonbat, I have read parts of his three blogs and they sre typical but minus the bile of sites like Kos or DU. I welcome his input since it shows how far from reality these folks are. I imagine he picked up my posts from Real Clear Politics where I have posted them.
Gayle, The moonbats won't be cowering under their beds, they will be serving as human shields for the jihadis daring us to shoot them too.

Roadhouse said...

Note to Carl:
Didn't you mean that you hope Obamma will WIN the damn war?

As for the respected Bill Ayers; I can make a bag of dog crap look respectful if I have a team of leftist pundits, college professors, and media outlets to back me up. Not to mention willing accomplices such as up and coming political rock stars to speak it's praises and share panels with.

Roadhouse said...

I almost forgot, if Mayor Daley ever defends ME, I hope no one ever finds out about it. A lib defending a lib is hardly a ringing endorsement. I'm sure Hugo Chaves and the "Uni-bomber" respect Ayers as well. What a feather in his cap that is.

Mark said...

Goat, allow me to put aside my personal feelings long enough to pay you a compliment. Your writing has improved vastly. Well done, my friend.

No, I have not forgotten how you chastized me for simply being honest about how I feel. You were dead wrong about me. I have never shrunk from personal responsibility nor have I ever claimed victimhood. How you ever reached that ridiculous conclusion I can only guess.

I merely stated that when I make a mistake, I accept full responsibility for that mistake, and I am not wealthy because I made poor choices. I blamed only myself. How you get the idea that I blame whatever misfortune I may suffer on anyone but myself, I'll never know.

I am not one to lie down and wallow in my own ineptitude, and when I am down, it only inspires me to try harder.

As a matter of fact, I am currently investigating the viability of opening my own business, using only my own funds and resources and not depending on any other people to help finance the endeavor. I don't expect it to be a multi-million dollar success, but I have hopes of turning enough of a profit, that I can actually live on the income derived from the venture. Not that I wouldn't mind it making me a millionaire, it's just that I am grounded in reality.