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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dr. Roy Spencer Testifies Before Congress Debunking Global Warming Myth

Dr. Spencer is one of the leading climatologists fighting the good fight against the hype of anthropogenic global warming and his remarks are worth reading. I imagine his actual scientific testimony will go right over the heads of those feeling liberals like Barbara Boxer in the Senate committee hearing. The pdf document is here complete with graphs and other scientific data showing that the greenhouse gas scare is all a way over hyped myth being pushed by politicians with an agenda that has nothing to do with the environment. Here is a snippet to get you interested.

If true, an insensitive climate system would mean that we have little to worry about in the way of manmade global warming and associated climate change. And, as we will see, it would also mean that the warming we have experienced in the last 100 years is mostly natural. Of course, if climate change is mostly natural then it is largely out of our control, and is likely to end—if it has not ended already, since satellite-measured global temperatures have not warmed for at least seven years now.

There is much more at Icecap blasting other myths being spread by the MSM including this great piece on water usage, agriculture and CO2. Now as a conservationist that loves the environment and hates pollution I know enough to know that CO2 is a vital gas in our atmosphere and that it is not a pollutant.
Clearly, all of these approaches to getting "more crop per drop" out of our agricultural enterprises should be pursued. But what if we had a magical substance we could release to the air that would automatically lead to greater crop yields? And what if it produced those greater crop yields while using less water? And what if the many processes that put this super substance into the air were incredibly useful in their own right ... or even essential, both to our individual well-being and to the security of numerous nations?

Why, everyone would be clamoring for its release to the air, right? Wrong! Al Gore, for one, is adamantly against it. So is James Hansen, as are a host of climate alarmists, all of whom feel that the water-use-efficiency-enhancing carbon dioxide that is released to the air by the burning of coal, gas and oil -- which is no different from what every one of us emits to the atmosphere with every breath we exhale -- should not only not be allowed to continue to rise, but should be stopped in its tracks, all because tenuous speculations spawned by woefully inadequate computer-run climate models suggest that releasing more CO2 into the air will lead to catastrophic global warming.

I have said it before and will say it again, some warming and higher CO2 levels will be far more beneficial than catastrophic and you would think the environuts would get it. They don't because their agenda has nothing to do with the environment, it is about social engineering and population control.

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R. George Dunn said...

This post states what has been apparent for my lifetime and from my education.

We need to call out the liberals on this now.

Come jin us at Hucks Army and let's git ur dun.