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Monday, July 14, 2008

Yes, President Bush Lifts Ban On Offshore Oil Drilling

Well that got rid of the Executive branch blockade and puts that political hot potato squarely in the laps of the Democrat's leadership in Congress, mainly Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. The congressional ban is a year to year ban that must be extended every September and this year it hands the Republicans a potent weapon if the Democrats balk about ending the ban. The American people overwhelmingly want to exploit our domestic resources and to keep all that money at home while creating lots of new jobs. Our expenditures for foreign oil are the major contributer to our trade deficit and that could be nearly erased by tapping our own resources. We need the Drill Here and Drill Now!


Gayle said...

This is the first I've heard about it, Goat. I haven't listened to any news in a couple of days.
All I can say is "YAY!" and it's way past time! Thank goodness.

SouthernRoots said...

I don't believe that we will actually need the new oil to come on line in order to lower fuel prices.

Just the promise that the supply will be increasing will ease the prices. When the new oil hits the markets, the prices will stabilize.

Most of the speculators have been betting on the supply remaining restricted - opening up the drilling will change that dynamic.

I hope that the Democrats stay obstinate and block the drilling. This will greatly help in producing change in Washington, D.C.

Ron Simpson said...

if the Dems block the drilling, look for a BIG change come next election.

Trader Rick said...

Bush should have done this 7 years ago.

suek said...

Lawsuits, guys, lawsuits. Even if Congress cooperates, lawsuits are the next stopper.