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Sunday, July 06, 2008

New RNC Ad, "Balance"

Its a pretty good ad and the GOP is pushing an all of the above energy policy because we do need to do all the above. We do need to be developing alternative sources of energy but until they can be developed to the point where we are not so dependent on oil we need to tap our domestic reserves. We need nuclear energy as the cleanest most efficient form there is. While I disagree with the notion of anthropogenic climate change we cannot let the Democrats own the debate over what to do or not do to address pollution problems. Democrats and Obama just want to tax, regulate, and mandate, Republicans believe free market forces will achieve clean and green technology while not damaging the economy in the process. Plus drilling for own oil, building nuclear plants and developing clean coal tachnologies would keep hundreds of billions of dollars a year in the US economy and create hundreds of thousands of good high paying jobs for our citizens, it just makes sense.


Gayle said...

The left is attempting to destroy our economy, Goat. What else can I think when I see that now we've got a hold on Solar Energy. "the Bureau of Land Management has placed a moritorium on all new solar power projects on U.S. public lands in the states of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, and Utah. Project applications which were received before May 29 will continue to be reviewed however."

suek said...

Gayle's comment is certainly pertinent - personally, I agree with all the efforts to find alternative energy sources, simply because ulitmately, oil is a finite resource. Finding satisfactory substitute for oil and developing an entire new economy to switch over to that substitute is going to take a _lot_ of time. Best we get at it.
Nevertheless, what she says certainly seems true. They could all benefit us best in reducing their carbon footprints to 0 (as in zero). Whole bunch of them.