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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Anomalies In Obama's Fundraising

This is more interesting and troubling than the hype about Obama's birth certificate in my book. More and more really troubling things are coming up and the defanged FEC seems unable to investigate. Pamela Gellar continues to dig through the hundreds of pages and finds many things to raise the eyebrow more than a little. Are bundlers laundering foreign money? Do the sales of teeshirts to foreigners count as illegal donations? Lots of questions and very few answers that I guarantee the MSM will not explore. It seems to be far to easy to cover up illegal fundraising with the use of internet donations and paraphernalia sales online and Obama is raking it in.

John and I, in continuing to pour over these documents in the old fashion way, tedious line by tedious line, have found dozens, literally dozens of instances in which people have clearly made contributions over the applicable $2300 per individual limit, without consequence or direction to the Obama campaign to disgorge such illegally gotten funds. The documentation is on adjacent lines right before the F.E.C. staff ......
The F.E.C. has simply been trampled by the Obama campaign.
This first and primary issue concerns “bundling,” the aggregation of small individual contributions, submitted for verification for legality by the Obama campaign to the F.E.C. John and I touched on this issue in my previous post, “Obama's Foreign Contributions: Who is Jeanne McCurdy,” in which the bundling tactics of an Obama fund raiser named Jeanne McCurdy was disclosed.
We documented almost $800 worth of campaign contributions which simply cannot be documented by anybody as to where they came from, or from whom, or whether the persons were American citizens or perhaps from person with interests violently opposed to American interests.

Maybe if bloggers start making a big enough stink about this someone in the MSM will pick up on it and dig in a little deeper. They are not all in the tank for Obama so we can hope a little bit.

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Gayle said...

This is quite interesting indeed, Goat. Fox News will pick this up if they get wind of it. I think a lot of information is probably being held back until after the conventions. I'm hoping that's when the you-know-what will hit the fan on Obama.