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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Murder in Jerusalem

The "peace of Islam" has once again reared its ugly head, this time in the streets of Jerusalem. A rabid, murderous Arab went on a deadly killing spree with a tractor on the crowded streets of Jerusalem. This cruel and evil person killed three woman, and injured tens. In his rampage, a baby was thrown from a car by its mother to save it from being killed. Today, new names are added to the list of Jewish orphans and widows from Islamic terror.

The attacker, may his name be blotted out, was the father of two, had a family, a job and a life yet he preferred to throw it all away for the ultimate goal of killing Jews. It was irrelevant to him that his two children will be now fatherless, and his wife a widow, since his offspring probably are celebrating his "martyrdom" and wish to follow in his example. The terrorist was a member of the vile pseudo-nation known as the "Palestinians", a people so odious and evil which worship nothing but death and hatred. This is a society which raises its kids with the idea that the highest goal is to murder in the name of their sick god. Children are indoctrinated to view Jews as subhuman and are encouraged to grow up to be suicide bombers. Their society is so depraved in that it values death above life and abuses its children by teaching them only to kill. It has contributed nothing to the world, cannot build but only destroy. According to witnesses, the terrorist screamed "Allahu Ackbar" before he was shot by an off-duty policeman-- G-d is great! How sick is that? What kind of deity demands the blood of defenseless women and children? All those who believe that Jews and Muslims worship the same G-d are false. The god of Islam is evil, perverted and demonic. It is no god. In his name, yeshiva students are gunned down, children trampled and babies shot by snipers. There can be no peace with this vile nation. They have been taught and brain-washed that Jews are evil and that killing them pleases their satanic god. They violate every sort of agreement or treaty made with them. But a few hours after the beginning of the supposed "calm" between Israel and Hamas, the barbarians were firing rockets at Sderot schools and homes. Their depraved society knows nothing but war and mayhem. The streets of Gaza are overflowing with sewage because the pipes were used to build missiles with which to maim and murder Jews. How can we continue to tolerate them and to show them mercy? They violate all forms of human decency and moral codes. Their only code is to slaughter to satiate their monstrous god. This is the epitomy of "Palestinian" heroism: the cold-blooded slaughter of innocent civilians.

The bulldozer belonged to the construction company which the murderer worked for. He was an Arab from East Jerusalem and held an Israeli ID card. When will we stop being stupid and sacrificing Jewish lives at the altar of political correctness? Arab labour must be forbidden. The Arabs are our enemies and it makes no sense militarily to allow them access to Israeli society. In the brutal terror attack last March, it was an Arab driver who worked for the yeshiva who gunned down 8 students in the library at Mercaz HaRav. In the past, "Israeli" Arabs have plotted to poison the foo at Israeli restaurants, have assisted terrorists and have collaborated many times with Hamas and other terror organizations. The early pioneers who founded the State instituted policies of avodah ivrit, Jewish labour, for practical and ideological reasons. They felt that if the Jews were to strengthen their bond with the Land of Israel and to revive their ancient homeland, they would need to rely on their own strengths and not on the Arabs. The Jewish State could not be built by Arab labour. Besides this, the Arabs who defended the settlements often times stole from them and were useless in the event of an attack. Today, we cannot have a self-sufficient society if all of the Jews are doctors, lawyers and businessmen and the Arabs serve as cheap manual labour. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court banned all forms of avodah ivrit and forbade contracting government jobs to firms which only hired Jews. How many more examples do they need of Arabs who have access to Jews in compromising positions being involved in terror attacks to learn? The Arab workers are a Trojan horse, aiming to destroy Israeli society from within. How many more dead Jews, orphaned children and widowed mothers? Is Jewish blood that cheap?

We know, due to our weak and spineless leaders, there will be no retaliation. The family of the murderer will be allowed to hold a mourning tent from their shaheed and the Israel government will wrangle its hands in indecision. There will be no military action to end the attacks or to restore the pride of Israel. The Arabs laugh at Israel' weakness. Any mercy that Israel's leaders feel towards the Arabs is not indicative of higher moral standing; it is the mercy of fools. It is foolish and dangerous to allow this fifth-column to live among us and to have access to Israel's soft underbelly. They are pure evil, dedicated to wiping us out. They are so brazen as to proudly show the media their hands dripping with Jewish blood. They feel no shame or guilt at this but seek to garner the world's sympathy and support. Silently, the world smiles as Jews are murdered and shuts its eyes. There will no condemnation from the UN. I wonder how many of those who protested Israel's accidental killing of terrorism supporter Rachel Corrie, when she dove in front of a bulldozer trying to level a terrorist's house. The Israeli bulldozer did not see the terrorist-loving fool, but the attacker in Jerusalem aimed directly for the most vulnerable. Of course, people will find an excuse or a rationale for this cold-blooded murder. It's the "Occupation", Israel' genocidal policies, "Apartheid", oppression, poverty, racism. The only thing that will not be named is the "Palestinian" culture committed to death.

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Goat said...

I was hoping you would post on this Bar. They want to kill us and they will use what ever weapon they have.

Roadhouse said...

In the past few years, I've noticed a rise in reports of cars plowing into crowds of people here in the US. Some of these reports included the Muslim connection to these instances, including names and statements from the drivers. Other reports never made the evening news and were put on the back pages of lesser-known papers, without the names of the drivers being printed.

I suspect that we will be seeing more of this type of attack in America.

Americaneocon said...

Have a great 4th of July!!