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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Yes We Are Winning

Despite the best efforts of a horribly biased MSM we are not only winning the war in Iraq we are beating back their mantra of global warming and not tapping our domestic resources for energy. All recent polls show increasing majorities support drilling in ANWR, off the coast and developing the massive reserves held in the Green River oil shale formation but the Democrat leadership in Congress continues to stall and obfuscate over lifting the lunatic bans on drilling. They continue to promote the pie in the sky myth of a new form of alternative energy being just around the corner if we only threw more taxpayer money at it while reasoning that it would take five years for that oil to reach the market. Well it will take far longer for those alternative sources to be developed that can replace oil, coal and natural gas than for us to keep our economy healthy by developing what we have now. There is no miracle cure to our dependence on oil coming anytime soon, maybe in a couple decades at best and until then we will still need the energy, not only that but there are other products we use every day that depend on the byproducts of refining oil into gas, like plastic and cosmetics.
Most liberal greenies are still stuck in the late '60s and early '70s before technology had advanced nuclear power and drilling to a much more safe and environmentally friendly state that we have now. For example, not a drop of oil was spilt by gulf oil rigs despite the ferocity of hurricanes Rita and Katrina and there has not been a nuclear accident since Chernobyl, an unshielded Russian contraption. They love to promote electric vehicles but fail to note that those batteries contain heavy metals that must be mined, the ore processed, refined and manufactured into batteries that requires massive amounts of energy generating a lot of much worse gasses than refining petroleum does while also despoiling the planet. Do they think those batteries are produced from thin air? What about the costs of replacement and recycling?
As usual the liberals get stuck on stupid in their pipe dreams and fail to think ahead while living in a what feels good now moment of unenlightened idiocy clouded by all the marijuana smoke and acid hallucinations fueled by to much cocaine. If they want to live in a world free of the greenhouse gasses that make planet earth green and habitable I suggest we send them all to Mars.


Anonymous said...

Yes, global warming is overblown. There's been some good articles and books on the subject, which never get the attention they should.

Gayle said...

Perhaps that's why the enviro-nuts are against the space program, Goat... they're afraid we will send them to Mars! LOL!

Ron Simpson said...

I wonder how many Democrats in Congress are heavily invested in "green" energy programs? The hysteria seems to be manufactured in such a way as to make me want to look behind the curtain to see who is standing there manipulating the system. I know Gore has gotten fatter from his carbon credits scheme, but the amount of time, effort and money spent to get the average Joe's of the country to buy into global warming has me wondering who is cashing in and how many are in Congress. Or how many in Congress are on their payrolls, directly or indirectly.