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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Democrats Want To Raise Gas Taxes

Gas taxes are supposed to go to highway funds but with Americans driving less thus using less fuel because of high fuel prices those funds have dropped so the Democrat's want to raise the tax. The Democrats want to increase the cost of gasoline while it is at record highs so they can pay for their pet projects that have nothing to do with highway infrastructure with pork barrel spending but won't allow more drilling to lower the cost of that fuel. The transportation bills are a favorite of the porkers in Congress for dropping in billions of earmarks for museums , bridges to nowhere and bike paths and then they wonder why those funds are running short now so their solution is to sock it to the taxpayer once again with ever more taxation. Yes folks this is what you can expect with Obama and the Democrats running the government, they just don't get basic economics and their solution to everything is to tax you more. Why can't they set up private funds to raise voluntary money for their pet projects instead of raping the taxpayers even more? Hell we worked for six and a half months just to pay our taxes this year and they want more.
Hattip Hotair and AoSHQ


shoprat said...

If the GOP had any brains and took advantage of this, it would be a GOP landslide this fall.

Gayle said...

Shoprat's right and I sure do hope McCain will get it!

The Democrats will always raise taxes. They will never have enough for their pet projects.