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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mangy Moonbat Alert

Some brave moonbat left a derogatory comment on an archived post challenging me to post the comment so I will do him one better and devote a post to it. He is so brave that he posted as anonymous, that takes real courage. You could see the testosterone oozing from his mommy's basement with this oh so cute comment.

You are a coward. Want to fight a real man? Post this comment, and let me know the time and place you would like to receive your thrashing. But you're just a chicken hawk, aren't you?

Fucking retardican gun nut, cowering under your blankets after pissing in your bed.

Your time is ending.

A real creative genious isn't he? If he wants to try and find the Barnyard I will happy to show him why I own guns, so I can fill his testosterone oozing self with rocksalt and ease some of that pressure he feels to be so cool.


Gayle said...

ROTFALMBO! The pissant won't show up, Goat! People who post comments like that have no brains, no guts, and no character.

Goat said...

Typical moonbat Gayle, they know better than to muck with armed rednecks so they make comments like this and then run and hide.

The Griper said...

they're always advocating that talking is better than fighting. does that sound like one willing to talk? lolol

Goat said...

Funny part it was a new comment on a post from '05 and it looks like it was the troll Kevron.