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Thursday, July 31, 2008

The McCain Ad That Has The Obamabots In A Fluster

You know an ad works when it gets free airtime on the alphabet networks and gets youe opponent's supporters into an outraged tizzy. Moonbat bloggers are calling it racist because it compared Obama's celebrity to Brittany Spears' and Paris Hilton's and another says it is a subliminal call for assassination. The only people playing the racecard are lefties and Barack Obama himself saying that the GOP is trying to make people afraid of him because he has a funny name and doesn't look like all those other Presidents. Wrong the GOP is trying to make people realize his policies would be bad for America and they should be rightly afraid of what he would do if elected without having a darned thing to do with his race. You see any criticism of Obama is racist, if you don't swoon in his presence you are a racist and if America doesn't elect him its because we are a racist country. Decent Ameericans will get very sick of that narrative very quickly and it is starting to show in the polls.

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SouthernRoots said...

The more Obama - and his supporters - play the race card to try to shut down ANY political discussion against Obama’s positions, the more the public will weary of it and turn against him.

Clinton, Gore, Kerry, and Clinton had very similar policies as Obama is championing and I voted against everyone of them.

My vote against Obama would be because of his political resemblence to the aforementioned, NOT due to his lack of resemblence to “those other presidents on the dollar bills”.