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Monday, July 28, 2008

Obama Bounces Like A Flat Basketball

While I don't put much stock in polls this early in a national campaign Obama should be doing far better than he is in a year that the generic democrat hammers the generic republican. He got a small bounce after Hillary conceded but that disappeared quickly even losing ground and he got an an apparent one during his recent world tour and that is also gone. McCain is even leading in the latest USAToday/Gallup poll and is closing the gap or inching ahead in battleground states.
If I had to guess as to why I would bet that Obama's arrogance is rubbing people the wrong way and the swooning press only makes things worse. McCain is traveling America giving townhall meetings to intimate groups and answering their questions while Obama delivers flowery empty speeches to swooning masses and dodges tough questions with hems, haws and outright lies about previous positions.
Obama is even having very serious problems uniting the Democrats as evidenced by the rapidly growing PUMA movement so how is he going to unify the country much less the world? I am almost willing to bet that Obamania, Obamedia and his rabid fans will turn off far more voters than they inspire by the time November rolls around.


Trader Rick said...

Hooray for PUMA!!

shoprat said...

It appears in several ways that the political winds have changed in the last few days. The Democratic Energy policy is a cyanide pill for both America and the Democratic Party.

Gayle said...

I think you're right, Goat, at least I pray that you are!