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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

FISA Reform Passes The Senate 69-28

This is the so called domestic wiretap/spying bill so derided by the moonbats that want to be free to talk to terrorists over seas. It passed with retroactive immunity to telecom companies that have helped the government track terrorists' communications after 9/11 and that of course has the moonbats and the trial lawyers all upset since they were ready to sue for billions for alleged invasions of privacy. I am notoriously anti big brother government as a small (l) libertarian but this does not bother me at all since I am not trying to call terrorists over seas and they are not trying to call me and I actually support the measure as a needed tool in our fight against them.
KERSPLAT, that is the sound of thousands of moonbat Obama supporter's heads exploding as he had promised them to filibuster telecom immunity and he ended up voting yes on the bill to avoid appearing weak. Hillary kneecapped him by voting no as she leapfrogged him to the left. I tell you what for a stupid lame duck President and minority GOP Congress they sure have run circles around the Democrats on war funding and this. I wonder who looks stupid now in the eyes of the moonbats. I don't link to moonbat sites but LGF reports here and here that they are seeeeething with rage at Kos, HuffPo and mybarackobama, ha, let them rage its good theater.
The Democrat convention is going to be a sight to be seen for sure after this so break out the popcorn, Obama's mass rally at Mile High stadium just might turn into a mass riot ala Chicago 40 years ago. Obama just threw his entire nutroot base under the bus in his cynical move to the center, what a neophyte.
Cap'n Ed has more here and here and Michelle here.


Papa Frank said...

Looks like he lost his nuts on that one. Maybe he could get them out of Reverend Jesse Jackson's purse and man-up next time.

Gayle said...

LOL, Papa Frank! I nearly choked when I heard Jesse Jackson say that he wanted to cut out Obama's nuts! I think he knew his mike was on.

Goat, I'm for small government too, but like you said, this helps fight terrorism, and only those who have something to hide have anything to be afraid of!

KERSPLAT indeed! LOL! I have checked out KOS and LGF is right.

Goat, Obama has thrown so many people under the bus I think he needs to add more busses. They can't possibly all fit under just one!