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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Congressional Approval Ratings Hit Single Digits

The latest Rasmussen poll shows that just 9% of the people think the Democrat lead Congress is doing a good job. When the Democrats came into power they promised to work for the American people and while energy prices have doubled with the effect of that trickling through the rest of the economy under the lead of Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. What have they done? They held hearings on steroid abuse in baseball, renamed some Post offices, held endless hearings on the war, stonewalled on protecting America and spent money by the pork barrelfull and they want us to give them a larger majority so they can fix things, yeah right. The GOP needs to hang this around the Dems neck and drive the point home.
It seems to me that the Democrats are doing their darndest to ruin the economy in the hopes that Americans are stupid enough to give them full power over it. The economy was doing very well till they took over and it has been slowing down ever since and all they want to do is increase taxes and regulations that will further hurt the economy. They have done nothing that will actually help the American people like opening up our oil reserves or making the taxcuts permanent. The GOP had better wake up and sieze all the issues the Dems are handing them this cycle and we can regain control and actually get something done for the people.


Gayle said...

Dear friend, it seems to you that the Democrats are doing there best to wreck the economy because that's exactly what they are doing. Only by making us helpless can they make us dependent... on them! GRRRR!

If the majority of Americans still vote these idiots back into Congress then they deserve them. The only problem with that is we don't!

The Griper said...

funny isn't it, they're always speaking of how low the President's rating is yet his rating is at least 3 times better than Congress.