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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Is Obama Getting Illegal Contributions?

Obama's fundraising has set records and is truly amazing but is it all above board and legal? He has raised an astounding amount online in small donations that don't get the scrutiny of donations above $200 and lots from the sale of Obama paraphernalia like tee shirts and such. Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs has obtained a donor list and has started going over it and there appears to be many oddities, like lots of names from overseas and multiple small donations from the same people on the same day with some adding up to more than the legal limit over time. I am sure Tony Rezko taught Obama a thing or two about how to cover up illegal donations and he probably learned a bit from the Clinton machine as well. Anyway here is a bit of what Pamela has uncovered so far.

Other overseas contributors are making multiple small donations ostensibly in their own names over a period of a few days, some under maximum donation allowances, but others aggregating in excess of the maximums when all added up. So while some of the contributions appear legal, others appear clearly over the maximums allowed without greater reporting requirement. Some of the contributions may bel egal as reported, but "fishy" can only describe the Obama campaign reporting with regard to aggregate contributions. The countries and major cities from which contributions have been received France, Virgin Islands, Planegg, Vienna, Hague, Madrid, London, AE, IR, Geneva,Tokyo, Bangkok, Turin, Paris, Munich, Madrid, Roma, Zurich, Netherlands, Moscow, Ireland, Milan, Singapore, Bejing, Switzerland, Toronto, Vancouver, La Creche, Pak Chong, Dublin, Panama, Krabi, Berlin, Geneva, Buenos Aires, Prague, Nagoya, Budapest, Barcelona, Sweden, Taipei, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Zurich, Ragusa, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Uganda, Mumbia, Nagoya, Tunis, Zacatecas, St, Croix, Mississiauga, Laval, Nadi, Behchoko, Ragusa, DUBIA, Lima, Copenhagen, Quaama, Jeddah, Kabul, Cairo, Nassau(not the county on Long Island,lol), Luxembourg (Auchi's stomping grounds), etc,etc,etc, but are not limited to these countries, as we've have just begun to read through almost 500 pages.

There are way too many overseas contributions and I find it hard to believe they are all American citizens. How does the FEC monitor that? Some of contributions appear to be "bundled" from one person as source to hide the contributions of many, and an example of one among many such "incidents" will clearly show why I arrive at such a conclusion.

I know this will not bother hardcore Obamabots and lefties who turn a blind eye to this sort of thing but it will bother a lot of swing voters that don't even like the appearance of corruption. Obama did get his start in Chicago where politics and corruption are practically pseudonyms. We'll see what else she is able to uncover as she has just gotten started and maybe some other bloggers, like Michelle Malkin's team, should wade in and give her a hand since we know the MSM won't.

Update: Welcome Hillary Supporters for John McCain and RCPers!


shoprat said...

Of course he's getting illegal contributions, but the press will give him a pass because of the (D) by his name.

Gayle said...

Obama's a Rock Star, the media has said so!

Dang, Goat. This whole thing makes me want to barf! The man could get away with murder and the left would ignore it.

Gayle said...

I meant to say the man could "commit" murder and the left would ignore it.