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Friday, September 05, 2008

America's Newest Rockstar

Harley riding, moose hunting, hockey mom.

Harvard educated elitist marxist community organizer.

Well, well, well, Barack Obama has been knocked of his perch by Sarah Palin, she got more viewers than BO did on his big night and under intense pressure she performed brilliantly. The latest polls are coming out and Barack is sinking and Sarah has higher favorability ratings than any of the others. I could never have foreseen the Palinmania that has swept the nation, I knew I loved her but I am a political junky and some what a policy wonk. Conservatives, Republicans, and independents are rallying to her side to defeat Obama, his minions in the MSM and the moonbat blogosphere that have so viciously slandered her and her family and I expect McCain/Palin to get a much larger bump coming out of this week than Obama/Biden did coming out of their convention and to take what could be a substantial lead.

This shakes up all the dynamics in what has been a down year for a demoralized GOP and could have a substantial affect on the down ticket races as well by increases in turnout and fundraisng. John McCain showed incredible political savvy in picking Sarah Palin, apparently she had been at the top of his shortlist for months and shows McCain runs a very tight ship since it never leaked, well he is a Navy man. His timing was impeccable for her rollout because it took all steam out of Obama's big night as the media turned all its attention to her and the approaching hurricane. McCain and his team are playing high level 3 dimensional chess while Obama and his team are still trying to figure out a checkers board. Our Queen is going to be one very busy woman these next couple months and from what I have seen she certainly has the spunk and energy to handle it. She will easily defeat their Knight Joe Biden in their debate and John McCain will destroy their King Obama in theirs, what a difference a week makes.

Sidenote: I would suggest one thing though, instead of calling her Saracuda I would call her fans the Saracudas and leave her title as The Barracuda.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

Please, let's not demean Sarah Palin or the McCain-Palin ticket by dragging it down to the tawdry level of Obama.

She's not a rock star.

She's way beyond that.

She's authentic, the real deal, the barracuda that will help the fighter pilot chew up Obama and Biden.

Goat said...

I hear what you are saying CKA and understand where you are coming from. McCain/Palin is Metallica and Obama/Biden is Milli Vanilli. I don't consider it demeaning to be called a political rockstar and Sarah Palin is one, a real one. Better yet she is a Bach Concerto in my book, sweet music to my ears.

Ron Simpson said...

The idiots that are saying McCain picked her solely because she is a woman and it was designed to get the disaffected Hillary voters on board are missing the real point.

The conservatives are reacting en masse to the liberal media attacks on her by closing ranks. Plus the independents and more conservative Democrats are watching the attacks getting waaay to personal and destructive and are getting schooled in the way they left really thinks and it is disgusting them. Watch for the polls to start swinging towards the Republicans.

Plus, the big debate on whether Obama has more experience than Palin to be President? Isn't that the debate he is supposed to be having with McCain? Obama's camp is terrified of her and their reactions are just highlighting his inexperience.

Obama is a big balloon full of hot air and Palin is a big ol' needle set to pop it.

Gayle said...

Ron Simpson makes a good point. Why are Obama and his followers acting like she's running against Obama? What happened to Biden? LOL! It's all too funny!

Great post, Goat, and I couldn't agree with you more. We had to get someone immensely popular to knock Obama out of his rock star status and McCain definitely succeeded in doing that. I'm also glad to hear that there were more viewers of her speech than Obmama's. I hadn't heard that before. 2 million more! WOW! :)

suek said...

"I knew I loved her but I am a political junky and some what a policy wonk."

You're also a red-blooded Republican male. That doesn't hurt!

>>The conservatives are reacting en masse to the liberal media attacks on her by closing ranks.>>

Heh. Red-blooded Republican males don't like to see a woman attacked - they'll defend her. On the Dem side, only women defend women. They don't seem to _have_ red-blooded males any more.

And yes - the smear machine has been unmasked. We always knew it was there before, but it was slow, gradual and stealthy. They didn't have time this time to bother with the stealth...they've tipped their hand. Outcome for the future? hmmmmm.

The Lizard said...

Excellent Article. The pathetic pawns of the propaganda wing of the liberal establishment is missing the point. Palin did exactly what she was supposed to do. She energized the conservative base. Now McCain is free to run a Maverick campaign directed towards giving our government back to the people. The elitists only wanted to change which political party reaped the ill gotten benefits. McCains wants to change our government. Palin being being made a rock star by the pathetic pawns only fuels the fire.