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Friday, September 26, 2008

Presidential Debate Tonight

The debate between Obama and McCain will go on eventhough McCain had initially called for a postponement inlight of the negotiations on going in DC over the financial market bailout/work out. I am hearing that Jim Lehrer will focus on this for at least a portion of the debate which is a good thing. I am not going to get into an analysis of it because there are far better sources than me all over the web. My only objection to it is based on Democrats attempting to lard it up with gifts to groups like voter fraud specialists ACORN and illegal immigrant proponent La Raza.

Anyway back to the debate, McCain should eat Obama's lunch because despite Obama's considerable teleprompter fed oratorical skills he is a poor debater as the last few with Hillary showed. McCain has a rapier like wit and is able to give short concise answers off the cuff while Obama tends to ramble and speak in circles while saying nothing of substance. McCain has held hundreds of town hall meetings and press conferences over the years. The few I have seen of Obama's he stumbles around and gets tied up in his own tongue more often than not.

I will attempt to do some live blogging so check back.

Update: Obama jumps right in with a lie, he did not warn about Fannie and Freddie two years ago, he was silent, while McCain spoke on the Senate floor about it and cosponsored a bill to reign them in. He was blocked by Democrats. Gerge Bush tried to get more oversight in '93.. Obama was bought and paid for by the mortgage giants. Come on John point that out, please.

Update: McCain tags Obama with his 932 million in bork barrel spending, Obama attacks back by saying McCain supports taxcuts for those that create jobs and wealth. Obama clearly does not understand economics. So far Obama sounds like a liberal tax and spender and McCain sounds like a reformer with a solid grasp on economic policy.

Update: McCain already has Obama back on his heels stammering. He cannot give 95% of the people a tax cut when some 30% of the people don't pay any taxes.

Update: Obama is lying through his teeth on just about everything.

Update: I wonder if Obama's education plan is anything like his Annenburg Challenge work with Bill Ayers. McCain is blowing him away. Obama needs to remember he is not running against Bush and that McCain stood against Bush many times.

Update: McCain comes across as serious, Obama is a blatant liar. Obama is going to be shredded in post debate write ups. I can't type fast enough to do it now. McCain is IMO hitting homers, Obama is hitting grounders to first base. Obama is getting hot under the collar and his lies come ever thicker as time goes on.

Update: Acck, Obama is making me sick to my stomach, McCain is going strong and clearly has a huge upper hand on the issues.

Update: Good grief, I know more about foreign policy than Obama, what a joke. Obama lives by the maxim, if you can't dazzle them with brilliance baffle them with bullshit.

Wrap Up: Obama is clearly out of his league when onstage with McCain. This is a huge win for McCain though I am sure the MSM will do their very best to spin it otherwise. All I heard from Obama was typical left wing talking points that have been around for years now, he has those down pat for sure. John McCain impressed me tonight with his vast grasp of the issues and an ability to think outside the box. How will this play with the average American? I don't know because I am a biased political junkie but I don't think Obama came across as knowledgable. All He had was to blame Bush and while that will play well with his moonbat base it won't resonate with America. McCain had Obama on his heels the whole night from my vantage point. It was a good debate and I thought Jim Lehrer did a good job of encouraging an open debate.


Donald Douglas said...

It was actually a close debate, but since neither candidate made any big points on the economy, foreign policy issues dominated, to McCain's big advantage.

Trader Rick said...

I'm glad somebody else noticed the lies, Goat. I counted 27 lies and distortions on Osama's Part.


s.b. said...

The most telling moment was when Obama has to look down to read the name of the dead soldier on his "i gotta bracelete too" because he couldn't remember the soldiers name.

Doesn't he wear the bracelete "everyday"?