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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sarah Palin Draws Obama Size Crowd In Florida

She drew approximately 60,000 folks to a rally and she didn't have to provide a free rock concert to do it. They waited in line for hours to see her so don't believe the MSM meme that she is costing McCain support in the South. My mom and sister live in the South and they love her, they like strong independent women down there, that is something city slicker elitists will never understand about rural folks. McCain will hold the South handily and will make Obama fight for states that should have been easy picks for him.
Hattip: Jim Hoft


Trader Rick said...

I hope she comes to Indiana! My go bag is packed!!

Geezer and Gidget '08!!!

The Griper said...

you know i just thought of something while reading this post. Obama is running a campaign in the same manner of a community organizer by providing entertainment to draw people to his rallys in order to create an illusionary scene. it inflates the crowd's numbers making it appear that he has more followers than he actually does.

clays in charlotte said...

Just because sometimes there are concerts connected to Obama events doesn't mean thats all their about. Charlotte NC rally on Sunday the 21 20,000 people skipped church and missed watching the Panthers game to hear Obama speak for 30 min. The line started at 5 am, the event started at 1 pm. Comparing crowd sizes does nothing to tell us who is going to win the election or who is ahead on any given day. I'm a dem. but when Bush came in 2004 I went to see him, it's history, whether you like him or not it's not everyday you get see something like that. The only turnout that matters is on election day.

Goat said...

Clays it has more to do with the MSM raving about the size of the Obama crowds like in Washington state, Berlin and his nomination speech and leaving out the fact that popular bands opened for him. I wrote at the time that I would have gone to see the concerts as well while I would not vote for Obama. Yes musical acts are always a part of these rallies. Yes the turn out at rallies is less important than the turnout on election day but is a good measure of the enthusiasm that will drive people to the polls.