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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A Room Full Of Pure Class

Future VP Gov. Sarah Palin, First Lady Laura Bush and Future First Lady Cindy McCain

I just had to steal that picture from Jonathon Garthwaite of TownHall.

Update: A McCain aide was briefing Sarah Palin on the riguors of the trail and she asks the aide: " What's the difference in a pitbull and a hockey mom?"

Aide: "What"

Sarah: "The hockey mom wears lipstick"

Update: I was at a job today for one of the wealthiest people in Ca. and what did I see, one of the few copies of Nancy Pelosi's book that she has sold in the daughter's room. Funny because this guy is one of the biggest developers out here and on environmentally sensitive land. Hey his checks are good and it is a beautiful mansion that will be here for hundreds of years, steel and stone construction, just a little hypocrisy here.


Gayle said...

Work is work, Goat. You'd be stupid to turn it down.

shoprat said...

Buying the book counts as an indulgence against your carbon footprint.