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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can The GOP Recreate '94?

Color me sceptical but the Democrats sure are working hard to give us a chance to do just that especially on the issue of energy production and specifically exploiting our vast resources of coal, oil and natural gas. Despite their best efforts they have been unable to convince people that catastrophic anthropogenic global warming is imminent or even happening at all since we can do the research ourselves now. It has been proven to be a myth and a massive scam cooked up by Al Gore to enrich himself and his fellow socialists. Democrats have been intoxicated by their pipe dream of alternative sources of energy that don't even exist yet. They may at some future date but we need to power our homes, vehicles, businesses and economy now and coal, oil and natural gas are the best way to bridge that gap to the future. Republicans can run on this and a few other key issues and blindside the elitist out of touch Democrats that think Hollywood represents America.

Jed Babbin outlines this in a great piece for Human Events this week in which he points out that in '94 the Dems enjoyed the same generic lead in polls as they do today untill Newt Gingrich introduced his Contract With America. Newt has been hard at work again with his American Solutions organization and Platform of the American People that the GOP adopted large portions of for our platform. Jed points out that if the GOP candidates run on this they will win and handily. The Dem platform is free abortions for all, higher taxes, bigger government, gay marriage and a litany of liberal programs and agendas that run against the grain of the American people. Here is a teaser from Jed's essay but do read the whole thing.

There are two other issues the Republicans can, if they choose to make the election national rather than local, use to propel themselves to significant gains: the Dems’ embargo of American oil and the craziness of the liberal media.

“Drill Nothing” Nancy is the perfect example of liberal elitism that Republicans have to campaign against. The Pelosicrats believe higher gasoline prices are good for us because it helps them “save the planet.” They don’t care, as Gingrich does, that the vast majority of Americans want to fuel their cars without having to take out a loan, don’t like flag burning and don’t like courts making gay marriage legal. These are national wedge issues just waiting to be seized by Republicans.

Just as it did in 1994, Republican recovery starts with Gingrich.

A few months ago, Gingrich energized the Republican base with his “Drill here, drill now, pay less” petition to Congress to end the bans on offshore drilling and development of other American energy sources. At last report, 1,476,899 Americans have signed it.

Not to mention Democrat House leader Nancy Pelosi and Democrat Senate leader Harry Reid have led Congress to its lowest approval ratings in modern history with their witch hunts and grandstanding while getting nothing done. The GOP candidates can directly hang the high fuel prices, and collapse of the financial markets solidly around the Democrats' neck. I almost forgot their blatant attempt to lose the war against radical Islam to spite President Bush. Thanks to the pick of Sarah Palin for McCain's wingman the base is finally motivated and ready to fight for it.


Pasadena Closet Conservative said...

We must all stick together the next few weeks to keep these lunatics from seizing the White House! Keep up the good work.

shoprat said...

We can work for it, but we are against a strong headwind from the Media and Wall Street (neither of which sees the real issues.)

suek said...

I'm still waiting for the ad campaign that says: You may not live in their districts, but a vote for your Republican candidate (House or Senate) is a vote _against_ Pelosi (Reid)!!

Tapline said...

Goat, I really like the suek comment on " a vote for your republican candidate (House or Senate) is a vote against Pelosi(Reid)!!. Hits the nail on the head...

Gayle said...

I'm so thankful McCain chose Sarah Palin, Goat. The Dems are making complete asses of themselves in their absolutely unrational fear and hatred of her! It's all good. :)

Ron Simpson said...

One thing I have been hearing with this whole housing bubble burst is that now in places like CA the price of real estate is actually starting to reflect the real value, not the inflated values we have been seeing for years. A small two bedroom starter house that would go for $35000 in Oklahoma was going for $250000 plus in California.
If the rules for getting loans change and banks no longer are encouraged by Fanny and Freddy (and the government) to do subprime loans, then the housing market should recover at reasonable prices.